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Little Pond In The Woods
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I discovered the small pond on a bike ride with my son. We noticed a couple of people fishing, I found that no special permit was required to fish, and heard the usual rumours of “a couple of big carp.” The pond reminded me of the little places I would fish as a youngster, I couldn’t wait to see what was in it.

Tuesday 25 June 2019
I stopped for breakfast on the way, arriving at the pond around 08:30, the rain was torrential. A small waggler selected, a light hook link to a size 18 and a tiny piece of bread flake was the plan of attack. A fair amount of fish jumping and topping filled me with confidence, a couple of missed bites began to fill me with despair! I was unsure if I was missing finicky bites, or they were liners from fish attracted into the swim by the groundbait. I managed to hit one of them and soon pulled out a healthy little roach.

Not long later a decent skimmer was in the net.

In no time at all I was unhooking a nice little tench.

The float shot under the surface, as a couple of small balls of groundbait were still dispersing into cloud around it. I had hooked into something more substantial than the previous fish, it took line from the screeching drag, heading for a patch of reeds on the right. Unfortunately I was snapped off at the hook link. It appeared the tales I had heard about a couple of decent sized carp could have some truth to them. I dispensed with the fine hook link, using 5lb main line straight through, upping to a size 14 barbless hook. A large pinch of bread flake was cast back into the baited area, that was now showing signs the fish had moved in. Within seconds the float dived, not the monster I was hoping for, but good to catch all the same, a small crucian/hybrid.

The next bite saw me hooking into something much more solid on the end of the line, after a brief but frantic struggle, it had dropped off. A large scale from a common carp was impaled on the hook, it appears the carp had moved into the swim and I had foul hooked a decent one. Within seconds of squeezing a large chunk of bread flake and casting in, I was engaged in a cracking tussle with what felt like a carp. A great little scrap ensued, trying to keep the fish out the reeds as it stole more and more line; I was glad to have beefed up my rig. A pristine lump of common carp that just fitted into my net! Soon followed by another great scrap, resulting in this fine little lump.
Rod licence price hike-20190625_230036-800x811.jpg

I was pleased that I had decided to check the pond out and still had it all to myself, nobody else was stupid enough to brave the rain!

I had put plenty of groundbait in, lacing it with a few grains of sweetcorn each time. I switched hook bait to lobworm tipped with a grain of corn.

The plan to tempt the bigger fish did not work! A couple of greedy roach and hybrids pounced on the bigger hook baits. As the rain finally began to relent, a couple more anglers showed up, tempted by the rays of sunlight that had replaced the monsoon. I watched them pull out carp rods the diameter of telegraph poles, the first buzzing of the obligatory bite alarms signaling to me that it was “last cast” time. I had enjoyed a wonderful days solitude, I plopped my float in one final time, the guy on the opposite bank caused a tsunami as his 4 ton method feeder hit the tiny pond. As the ripples dissipated, my float bobbed, then shot under.

Rod licence price hike-20190625_134040-2-800x600.jpg

A small but perfect mirror to round off a fantastic few hours fishing in the rain.
Ten fish banked, a couple lost, now it was time to get home, dry off, and pick the kids up from school.

Monday 1 July 2019

I finished a night shift at 08:30, I was on the bank of the little pond by 09:10. Having a good few hours before collecting the kids from school, I was anticipating a frantic session, pulling out fish after fish. Small waggler sitting proud in the water, a chunk of bread flake pinched onto a 14 barbless hook, groundbait tumbling into tempting clouds close to my float; perfect.
There was another angler on the bank facing, we had a chat and agreed that the fishing was superb for such a small water….famous last words! Hours passed beneath the heavy, overcast sky. Baits were changed, hook depths altered; nothing produced any action.
I'd had a couple of small nibbles when at 13:30 the blank was saved when a small but pristine roach swallowed my bread flake. What a contrast from my previous session, the guy on the opposite bank packed up, after blanking, the same time I made my exit. Fish had began rolling and splashing on the surface, as if mocking our feeble efforts! I will return, but with more tricks up my sleeve next time. Thank heavens for my greedy little roach.

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  1. Another Dave's Avatar
    What a great little pond!
  2. d.owens's Avatar
    It's a great little place, there is a local guy who comes every night and cleans up any mess left. I've noticed that it's fished quite heavily, given the small size, but most people are after the carp, this means it's a cracking little place to take the kids for the smaller fish.
    One bloke told me that it was still recovering following a car being dumped in it; the perils of being a small urban pond! I've had quite a few good days with the kids here and have lost a couple of really decent fish, I will return!