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Spent 3 days on the Wye last week, the Hay area. River up about 2ft when we me and Ian my fishing mate got there. Long time since I fished this river, 30 years, or there abouts.
Ian got lost on the way to pick me up on the westside of the city. How the hell he got that side of the city I'll neve know? Should have come off on the eastside, and it's only 2 m/ways and 2 A roads to where I live?????????

On arrival we asked the farmer could we take the van down the track and park it in the corner of the field above the river. He OKed it and we grounded it and got it stuck on the track " Oh **** not a good idea this Mate was it? Ian starts growling like a bear with sour a***
Try as we might it weren't coming out! So with reluctance we asked the farmer to pull us out when he'd finished cutting the hay in the field he was working on. To his credit he did with a rye smile on his face. Tractors where would we be without them!

He even told us the best swims on the length for the fiver we dropped him for puling us out. Lesson learnt.... DON'T TAKE A TRANNIE VAN DOWN A TRACK WHERE TRACTORS HAVE RUTTED IT

It was about 21 00 hours by the time we got fishing. My first put in resulted in a chub about 3 1/2 didn't weight. Ian's comment was "that's a bad omen that!"
By 23 00 Ian's got his head down in his shelter for the night I fished on 1 0'clock tacking some good dace on maggot feeder and a barbel of 6 04 on pellet. So I went and woke him up to show him.......I'm nice like that! A incoherent grown came from deep within the bag he was snuggled in. It might have started with F I think? but i couldn't really say with certainty.

Thursday dawned and we started fish about 07 00 and by 12 00 hours I still hadn't had a bite from anything bigger than a minnow. Ian had had several chub between 1 08 and 3 lbs.

I judged It was time to go hunting with the float rod, so off I took myself up river with landing net, maggots and rod. Found a nice swim of about 20 yards for the float and proceeded to bash out dace up to about 6 oz. Great fun for a couple of hours, but by 17 00 I'd had enough so back to base camp for brew and food.
After the food it was time for a little snooze for an hour. By 19 30 I'm ready for another go at the bigger fish until midnight or so.
Midnight comes and the rod tips had steadfastly refused to move so I called it a night and got my head down for the night. Ian had had several more chub in the 2-3 lb range and a small barbel of 4 1/2 and lost a bigger fish.

Friday morning came and went for me the same as the evening before.......Sod all! Ian taking a few more chub. I dropped the bivvy and other stuff I no longer needed and had a move down river with just one tip rod. Just got settled in in the new swim and the phone goes. It was another mate who was bream fishing on a stillwater. "How's it going down there" he asked? "It's just about fishing but slow," I said to him. What you had? "3 double figure bream and tench," was his reply. "Great, really needed to hear that mate!" It's fished **** for the last 5 weeks and when I decide on a change, it starts to fish......bloody typical! No justice in this game is there I rhetorically ask?

I start to get a few pulls on bread fishing right across the river, then Hiawatha and his mates start to come down the river every 10 minutes or so for the rest of the afternoon. I manage 3 small chub in between the armadas of canoes.

And they want open access to all rivers wider that 3 metres nationally.......Over my dead body they will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC)'s Avatar
    Hiawatha HAHAHAHAHA.

    I enjoyed the read.

    Is this stretch where I think it is Phil?
  2. The bad one's Avatar
    Yes probably Matt!
  3. Steve King's Avatar
    It was having to throw £20 notes at farmers when I kept getting stuck that made me buy a Land Rover!