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slime monster

Clattercote ,my day

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Well at last there we were at least most of us sat for a hearty breakfast after driving in terrible lashing rain ,the rain had by now all but stopped I suspect most of us had a sneaking suspicion that the damage had already been done,fed and watered we made the short drive to the fishery in my case for the first time where those that lived more local grouped on the car park, I was torn between dashing around the corner to get my first look at the ressy and the banter that goes with every match draw,I resisted the temptation and got down to p1ss taking and hand shakes .
at the draw I pulled 26 not too bad a draw according to those in the know and followed the trundling procession down the Boards ,I asked an angler on one of the early pegs how it was fishing for him and he confirmed what his body language was telling me .."naff all "or words to that affect.
on the way to the peg I scanned the water which had enough flat water to spot swirls topping roach or bubbles and to me it looked dead but I kept an open mind and remained focused with a positive attitude .
To my left I had Steve Spiller for company and on my right Muffin ,chat done I got down to business my whole game plan was to target Bream on tackle that would manage any bonus Carp via a cage feeder at 40 ..50 yards so 016 6lb line to an eyed 16 and while this was in feed a line at 11 metre.
I dragged the empty feeder on a low rod and found resistance at about 35 to forty yards that would be the chosen spot so the reel was clipped.
On the all in I balled chopped worm and caster in the 11 metre swim before an early bombardment with a big feeder containing the same ,satisfied that I had a bed of feed out there I poured a coffee and waited taking in my surroundings ,I had Graham marsden two pegs to my right and I decided to keep a close eye on him as he was fishing the method at range any bream to be had there I thought would grace his net.
anyone who fishes matches knows the signs via the bankside grapevine and the fact that you can hear a long way over water the first half hour or so expectation and concentration combined with blind optimism is a quiet time then once anglers have settled tit bits of conversations give a feel of how unseen rods are doing.
I was still plugging away with the feeder while Young Muffin to my right was quietly pulling in quality Roach although I thought not at a ,rate to pose a threat if the Bream stopped over my bed of feed some two hours into the match having nearly gone boss eyed staring at a static quivertip and in the knowledge that someone had three Carp it was time for a rethink.
My hand went to pick up the tip rod and change it for a waggler rod ..bang a savage liner out of the blue that cost me a further wasted half hour on the tip ,Muffin then rubbed salt into my wounds by netting a smallish Tench.
Now I had the whole world on my shoulders ,fishless and in debt to Muffin by at least 4 and a half pound so out came the waggler rod well beyond Muffins line , The tow was very strong out there even dragging three no 9 shot but I was getting bites but like Muffin missing them but in spite of this I managed bump two off and my watch was telling me to catch something for the team and fast so my last ditch method reluctantly was the pole over the ground bait at 11 metre that had been fed with caster all day.
I chose a compromise rig 014 to a 16 spade all balsa float not ideal but it gave me a chance to come up in the wter if needed and my double caster was now slowly clawing my way back into the match with the odd quality roach taking a fancy to it.
a switch to a small red worm tipped with caster was taken by a Tench around 4lb and then the fun started the loop had caught around the pole bush leaving me playing it on the bend of the pole and in 11 foot of water I had to lead it to me on a straight line to undo the tangle,the tench behaved like a Lamb until it felt the freedom of the elastic when it did its best to get under the boards so I shoved thirteen metres out and fdragged it out.
the last hour was a struggle for all near me and I knew that I had left it too late to catch Muffin who got the range and feed pattern spot on for the day and in mho was man of the match he did me and Graham.
I shall return a little wiser next time and probably get it wrong all over again .

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  1. Neil Maidment's Avatar
    No mate!

    Sinking Baggin Waggler for the first two hours - blank - God that was hard work casting every minute or so!

    Method feeder on the same line for the next two hours - three screamers on the trot on corn = two carp - 1 @ 4lbs, the other 11lb+ (one lost!).

    Pole at 8mtrs on double red maggot up in the water for the next hour and half, nabbed a few decent roach (made Peter laugh and almost fall off his box when I tried to swing a few in only to see them ping off). Also had the skillfully planned obvious target of a 4lbish tench on the drop!


  2. Stealph Viper's Avatar
    A good write up slimey,

    I enjoyed reading that.