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slime monster

Wish I had felt better....

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Having arranged to meet my pal Dave Taylor at the club lake yesterday I overslept and woke up feeling really exhausted after a heavy wet week at work,not one to let people down I threw a pole and chair in the car and drove down there .
Dave was sat at a double peg long pole fishing so I decided to sit beside him and fish a short pole so we could have a natter ,both of us expected it to be hard going and as far as the margins were concerned it was ,Dave on the other hand attacked the swim and after a lot of small roach he got amongst the big skimmers that were boosted by a Trout of over a pound and a 4lb Tench....why am I telling you this I here you thinking ,well the funny thing is I could have gone out and had a go myself but I really enjoyed being a spectator that day and packed up leaving him still hauling fish in to go and have a couple of relaxing pints at the local
refreshed with a sneaky determination to get to that peg before him next time...what are friends for.......
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  1. Stealph Viper's Avatar
    Well done that man, for going for the pure enjoyment of just being out fishing with good company.