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It is winter, isn't it?

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Glorious day down here, so me and dad popped down to dig a bit of bait and go and stand by the sea - won't call it fishing as it was flat calm and not a bit of swell! It was warm too, we went with thermals and goretex etc, but ended up taking it all off!

Never guess it wasn't summer.....

You get about 3-4 hours on this spot depending on the swell, about an hour before low and a couple up. Bait was lug on a couple of rods and sandeel on the other incase the odd bass is still around. We would've got some peeler too, but it seemed a waste!

Just after the tide turned, I had a couple of nibbles on lug, followed by a sandeel stealing tug on one rod when dad managed to nail one (after finally getting to the rod!)

Still, a doggy is better than nothing!

Another big bite which I hooked, but instantly snagged me on sandeel and we called it a day. Couple of tugs,1 fish, and got a bit of sunbathing in just a t-shirt in Feb can't be bad!
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  1. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    A different world! I've not got out of the full thermals yet this year. Water and air temp up here were 3C yesterday!