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First of the year

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Finally managed to get out - first trip since november! Had planned on fishing through the winter, but the lake not being "bendy" for much of it put paid to that. Still, at least it means it's spring and I've got a freezer full of bait to use up!

Got down at the normal time after work, it's great that with spring on the way it's not dark till just after 7 down here so I've got time to get the rods out and see where they are landing! Tony the owner had a walk round, but didn't stay long for a chat - he said it was because he was letting me get sorted before dark, I reckon it was down to some of my "odd" facebook posts . Interestingly, a lot of fish are actually coming out up in weight, which was a bit of a surprise after the hard winter - they should pack weight on this year! Rods out and into bed as it was a bit chillier than I expected, and watch the water whilst listening to the Russians get well beaten by the Special One. Result!

Just before 9 and the left hand rod was away, and after a decent, heavy scrap a lovely looking 18+ was in the net - would've sworn it was bigger if I'd lost it.

Lovely looking fish, just a shame the bloke holding it looks so gormless!


  1. Skoda's Avatar
    Nice account Frothey, who took the pic? You're obviously tired after the epic battle.

  2. Frothey's Avatar
    Me, couldn't find the bulb release adaptor so had to use the timer.