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Doggy Style on Fathers Day

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4.10am and the alarms gone off - got to pick Dad up for a trip to a rock mark. We get to the spot just as the sun pop's it's head over the Moors.

One rod out each on peeler, and 5 mins and a typical dogfish bite gives the first fish of the day.

I forgot to do my hair before we left......

Another doggy bite, and a much better result..

The Smoothhound had arrived!

Pretty much a fish a cast, the trick was not to hit the bite until the fish pulled the rod over and took line from the clutch

A big set of surf came through, and the bites totally stopped for about a quarter of an hour. My rod then just absolutely melted off, I couldn't get the rod tip up for about 20 seconds or so, and every time I did, it went off again until it finally cut me on a rock. Grrrrrrrrr.

A much stranger bite gave this monster

Which now lives in the bottom of a pot in dads kitchen!

Dad was by now worried that his MoJo had left him, as he's normally the one to catch 1st/the most and the biggest, but he didn't have a touch, so he wound himself up for a big cast that did the trick

Another for me to keep in the lead

Dad in again

I then had the mother of all dogfish, it was huge. but being a dogfish there was no way I was taking a piccy ( a bit like double figure bream and tench )

A couple more doggies and we packed up. Good fun though!


  1. Skoda's Avatar
    A Grand Day Out, Frothey! Great pics.

  2. Frothey's Avatar
    Thanks andy - not too bad for a 3 year old 2mpxl phone!
  3. slime monster's Avatar
    You obviously know your rock marks Frothy , that is a fantastic days rock fishing by any standard well done the pair of you

    Dave..**** sea angler