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Dream Bream.

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For years my PB Bream had been 9Ib. Quite a modest sized specimen for these days of massive double figure slabs. Last summer i decided to make it a target of mine to catch a Bream of 10Ib + i like to increase my PB slowly then you get to experience the buzz over and over again.

The water i choose was a large lake of 170+ acres that was formed due to the flooding of mining subsidence back in the early 1900s. The water had a reputation for producing big Bream and i had seen pictures of a 14Ib specimen so it seemed an ideal venue to try.

The spring was late in coming during the early part of 2010 after the savage winter. As a result visits didn't begin until the June of that year. This unfortunately coincided with very warm temperatures massive algae blooms and thick aquatic weed growth.

The water in question is bursting with naturals and it is hard to encourage the Bream away from their natural diet. Observation revealed that the Bream moved around in big shoals and where very nomadic, pre-baiting with large beds of bait had worked in the past on this venue but this wasn't an option for me due to the constraints of time and cost. I came up with a plan that would solve the problem of the algae and weed and encourage the Bream to feed, without breaking the bank.

I decided to rake my swim on a large scale. Rope was tied to both ends of a 5 foot long piece of metal this would be boated out and thrown in the desired spot it was then a case of paddling back to the bank and with the help of a friend we would drag the weed in clearing a large area of the water. All this disturbance raked and kicked up the lake-bed revealing masses of natural food, bloodworm, snails, shrimp and many other tasty invertebrates. Natural groundbait! what fish could resist?

The raking took most of the day and was very labour intensive, by late afternoon an area was cleared enough to get a couple of rods into.

Although there would be plenty of natural bait in the swim i still topped it up with a couple of kilos of my own bait. I wanted to keep the mix as natural as possible in order to complement the larder which i had exposed. 3mm Spurillina pellets/groundbait were mixed with some amino black groundbait. To this i added bloodworm pellets and a good slosh of bloodworm liquid additive. Simple scaled down carp rigs fished with PVA bags and bloodworm pellet hookbaits were my chosen line of attack.

The bait was put out by boat, spread in a line between two markers. I choose to cast out the rigs as i wanted to be sure that i could place the end tackle into the desired area without the aid of the boat as using the boat would not be an option during the hours of darkness due to safety reasons.

With the rigs in place it was time to sit back relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The evening was warm, still and tranquil. Flies dimpled and hatched from the waters surface, the lake began to settle after the days disturbance, expectation was high as dusk settled across the landscape.

just on dark the first Bream porpoised out past the markers disturbing the calm water, two more rolled this time closer too the baited area. They where here! A short time later the alarm let out a series of sharp bleeps and the bobbin began to "dance" up and down. The line began to cut upwards in the water as i stepped forward and struck the rod. The sluggish weight of a Bream could be felt as it thumped on the end of the line. The fish was led in towards the net just the odd heavy head shake giving away the presence of a fish. Through the gloom i could see the Breams shape as it went into the net. I flicked the head torch on and peered into the net, there swimming in the folds of the mesh was hopefully the first of many Bream, white globules of slime floated and clung to the net and the fresh smell of fish hung heavy in the night air. The first Bream went 8Ib on the scales and was quickly followed by two more fish of around 7Ib.

A couple of fish were lost as they got weeded up on the way in and the hook pulled. The next fish however felt totally different plodding around the swim slowly with the rod bent well over. A couple more head shakes and it was all over. The Bream seemed massive in the light of the full moon, in my heart i knew that this was the double i wanted and the scales confirmed it at a weight of 11Ib 8oz.

There was a lull in the action and the night became chilly, just before dawn Bream again began to roll around the markers. Like earlier a couple of Bream in the 6Ib - 7Ib bracket where landed then a much better fish was hooked and soon i was looking at what looked like my second double of the night. The Bream went 10Ib 2oz, i was ecstatic a new PB and a brace of doubles in the same session what more could an angler wish for.

The light of a new day filled the east and the feeding activity began to tail off, it had been a memorable night full of atmosphere with Bream rolling in the light of the moon, my first double was my prize..........................a dream Bream.
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  1. andreagrispi's Avatar
    Great article - again.

    A great session all round with good fish to boot.

    I need to write one or two myself - especially with regards to bream. Had a bit of success.
  2. Skoda's Avatar
    Smashing blog, many thanks. This story is easily good enough to go on the main pages, not just as a blog.

    I'll go back and read some of your other blogs.

  3. guest29's Avatar
    A very informative piece of writing and much enjoyed.

  4. steph mckenzie's Avatar
    Some lovely looking Bream .... all your hard work paid off in the end.
    I see where the Rake came in to play and how it offered you several options once it was raked.
    Thanks for sharing your Blog with us.