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steph mckenzie

A little bit about me

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I have decided to write this quick Blog to allow the rest of you to get a small insight in to the type of person that i am. I hope that this will help people to perhaps understand me better when they read my posts or Threads on FM and might just might get them to look at me with a little more understanding.

Before anyone asks who or have they upset me, the answer to that is NO i am just profiling myself so others can get a clearer picture of the ME.

I'm 42, Married, been with the Mrs 13+ years now (tormented) i hear you cry lol, we have a son of 12 who so far has shown little to no interest in fishing DNA testing is on the Cards

I love Coarse Fishing, i fish Waggler, Feeder, Pole but i don't fish any of them proficiently (not very good) for those that struggle to keep up however i do try i just lack confidence in myself when it comes to fishing.

I want to take up River Fishing when i sort out a few problems i am currently having in my life, but i will get to the boring stuff shortly. I have been doing a lot of Research in to River Fishing recently, asking Forum Questions, reading FM Articles and reading other articles from off other Interet sites. It is something that i would really love to get my head around, but for just now it is on the back burner, temporarily i hope anyway.

Now the Boring Bits, i currently have an Illness that has left me with Scarring and Inflamation to both my Lungs and to the vessels leading to my Heart, this has rectricted how much i can currently do as i get very tired and breathless quickly. This is one of the reasons i spend a lot of time on the Forums and Internet fishing sites.

So when you see me on here asking questions or just generally posting it is because i am genuinely interested but it also helps to pass away the hours of what can somethimes be very long days. Due to being unable to work this has meant that our finances have taken a big hit, so although i want to go out and buy all the gear that i would like to have, like a lot of other people i will just have to wait for that opportunity to come back around, and i am confident it will again, i am just not sure when.

So when i ask questions about Tackle, Rods, Reels, clothing etc etc although i really appreciate the feedback and the recommendations, please don't think i am being rude if i don't rush out and buy it or bid on an item recomended. I do however genuinely appreciate peoples views and they are always welcome.

I don't tolerate fools and i certainly don't like back stabbers or people who Snide about you but not to you personally. If i do something to offend you and you think you didn't deserve it then feel free to Private Message me and if i am in the wrong i will hold my hands up and apologise, however, if i feel i wasn't in the wrong and you deserved it i will hold my hands up and tell you so.

I do ask you all to be patient with me, i can be hard work or it can seem that i am always asking silly questions, but it is just because i want to learn and the best way to do that is to ask those that know.

I hope this gives you all a clearer picture of who and what i am, and if it doesn't then you can always ask me for more info.
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  1. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Hello Steph,

    I didn't know about the illness ,my friend, I'm sorry to hear about it now.

    Those of us who know you also know that you are a kind-hearted chap too!
  2. chav professor's Avatar
    I also have a son who thus far shows litle interest in fishing..... It will come I hope - but hes damn good on Black Ops lol.

    Nice Blogg entry and a good way to introduce yourself. I think forums are a good way to access fishing and certainly talk to like minded souls.

    Look forward to hearing you put some of your enthusiasm into fishing as soon and as often as you obviously desire.

    keep up the thought provoking threads - your enthusiasm is very apparent and shines through
  3. steph mckenzie's Avatar
    Thanks guys,

    I decided to start off with this Blog as i often find that to often peoples thoughts get lost to easily in Translation when we right Posts on Forums.
  4. geoffmaynard's Avatar
    You seem to be a very nice bloke. I hope we get to meet you on the bank sometime.
  5. itsfishingnotcatching's Avatar
    My son has only just re-started fishing at twenty two (then again I went awol for nearly forty years) I have poor circulation and therefore need to find easily accessable fishing so you have my sympathy, some people seem to think it's all about ten mile stalking missions!