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Av Y'ad Owt?

God's Rod Pod

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The conversation went something like this:

"What you fishing for mister?"


"But you've not got carp rods."

I showed him the writing on the butt of my rod.

"Why's it made of wood and who's this Mark guy? Is he famous?"

I contemplated throwing him in.

"Anyway you've not got a rod pod."

"I have."

"Where is it then?"


" 'tisn't."

I contemplated the obvious 'tis - 'tisn't sequence, but couldn't bring myself to it.

" 'tis. It's God's Rod pod."

God's Rod Pod

My faith in modern education was restored when he obviously knew who God was. He wasn't impressed though.

"Av y'd owt?"


He sniffed and wandered off back to his proper carp gear.

I suppose he was lucky I was using two rods and that they were almost parallel. Normally in these circumstances I'd only use a single rod, but the rod on the left was a recent purchase and was waiting restoration. It's a 3 piece 11 footer of unknown origin and it needs a new set of rings. I suspect it started off life about 50 years ago as a fly rod, but since then it's had a set of high bells rings fitted which are showing signs of wear. I like to play a few fish on a rod before deciding it's final destiny so it was pressed into use to present a bait to the far margin.

Shortly after my young inquisitor left the Gypsy D'Or gave a screech as a carp realised the error of it's ways. The new rod showed it's potential as a nice tool for barbel as I hustled a nice carp of about 6lb to the net.

Thinking that the disturbance might have put an end to my prospects in this swim I moved down the lake to a favourite swim of mine. It's horribly tight, but this means that it is generally ignored and the carp feel safe feeding close in. I set up much as before with my Mark IV presenting a bait tight to the far margin and the unknown soldier fishing tight to the near bank less than a foot out.

I was chatting to a couple of passers-by when the Mark IV hooped round and the old Mordex hummed its base note. This was a better fish and it was a while before I slipped the net under it.

I had another nice fish to the Mark IV as the evening drew in before packing up and heading home for tea.


  1. Skoda's Avatar
    Yo Sean! Nice carp, shame you've got your line coming off the reel the wrong way!

  2. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    I'm afraid I don't suscribe to the heathen Yorkshire convention of having the line coming off the top of a center pin. Anyway you can't Wallis cast with it like that.
  3. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    "Who is this Mark guy, and is he famous"

    Brilliant, just brilliant.

    I think I would have thrown him in too!

    Super blog Sean.


  4. elliottwaters's Avatar
    Nice article and lovely pictures. A similar incident happened to me when using a cane Mark 4 on a club water (Horton Kirby) A young cammo clad guy, whom I was shortly to find out was both generous and a credit to his parents, was bivvied up in the next swim and wandered over for a chat. After the usual pleasantries, had much? Nice to see a bit of sunshine. Saw a few on the surface earlier etc, , the lad looked a little embarrassed and said: ,”Look mate, don’t take this wrong way or anything, but I know its tough for pensioners and I’ve got an old Fox rod I don’t use any more and your welcome to have it” Bless!
  5. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    I know, I do think that anything that happened before the 80's will soon be lost to angling. Might be time to sell the cane whilst it's still worth something!
  6. Noel80's Avatar
    Great blog. Lovely fish.

    I'm not "anti" carp angling and like to catch them myself but I've recently discovered the secret to a quiet and (mostly) undisturbed day's fishing on a local carp water. I shouldn't really tell anyone this because it is so cunning. Simply turn up at your busy local lake but (and here is the magic bit) don't fish for carp. Fish with a float, maggot etc in a quiet area of the lake. No one gives you the time of day! Why should they? You're 'only' fish for silvers.

    But of course carp like maggots too... so it's not unusual to get a nice bonus too...
  7. watatoad's Avatar
    Excellent and the first blog I have read in my life I loved it, though I nearly cried at the intelligence of the inquisitor.