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No luck lake

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The closest fishable water to home, about a 15 minute walk, is a rather neglected park pond. It's known locally as The Ducky. I have only ever witnessed one fish being landed from it, a pike of about 8lbs that fell to a spinner. The place screams PERCH to me every time I'm on the bank.

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My return to angling came off the back of watching dozens of YouTube videos about drop shotting, people hauling out perch after perch on bitterly cold winter days. I spotted a small drop shot rod on sale in my local tackle shop, just the job for catching all those big winter stripeys lurking around the numerous snags of The Ducky. A couple of boxes of small soft lures went onto my backpack, along with perfectly tied palomar knotted hook lengths, small reel loaded with braid, tiny jig heads and a couple of wire traces. If i was a hundred years younger, i would have started my own YouTube channel; as it panned out, it would have been the worst fishing channel of all time.

Most weekdays I had off work followed the same sorry routine, drop the kids off at school, grab my toothpick sized rod and head to The Ducky. I soon discovered that using jig heads was going to prove more expensive than acquiring a massive cocaine habit. The sunken motorbikes, shopping trolleys and bin bags claimed a lure a cast. I settled into a routine of drop shotting around the numerous perchy looking features, freezing my nuts off. In all that time in the bitter North West winter, not one fish; not even a missed take or follow.

Talking to people on the bank I heard tales of a giant pike, a huge catfish and even barbel, obviously also a legendary carp that had been nicked from another water now lived here. Now the warmer months are here, I'm going to try my luck on this snag ridden nightmare again, the drop shot rod is packed away until the cold begins to bite again, I just want to actually catch SOMETHING out of my bogey lake. The memories of last winter haunt me, part of me feels that I could fish it everyday and blank. I'm starting a couple of night shifts tomorrow, I have the urge to get a pint of maggots and attempt to break my duck at The Ducky.

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