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Budget fishing

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I have three main hobbies, fishing, cycling and hiking. If you began any of these activities today, and looked for advice online or in magazines, you would be forgiven for thinking you need to win the lottery to enjoy them.

The super lightweight carbon bike, honed to perfection in a wind tunnel, will set you back more than a 3 bed semi.
Your lightweight, breathable, waterproof walking clobber - not forgetting the latest gps system - makes third world debt figures look manageable.
Angling can appear like this, a myriad of different rods, reels and gadgets for every conceivable situation. Bait, packaged with ingredient lists reading like a physics textbook.
I am happy riding an old steel mountain bike from the 1990's. My hiking rucksack is older than my kids. The same mindset applies to my fishing.

It may be nice to have all the latest tackle, but anybody thinking of beginning angling and put off by the cost, it doesn't need to be expensive. Today I deliberately used the lowest priced tackle and bait to prove it can still be successful. Rod and reel was a £10 combo I had originally bought for the kids from Go Outdoors. 6lb breaking strain line came from a twin pack sold in Lidl last year, about £2.99.
Bait? Sweetcorn and Bacon Grill from B&M, £2.50 for both. 4 slices of bread out the cupboard and worms dug out the garden.
Ground bait made from crushed ginger nuts, 49p, old bits of sweetcorn out the freezer and boiled up wild bird seed from the shed.

Fishing locations?-20190918_093637-2-800x486.jpg

It really is possible to enjoy a great days fishing for practically nothing. 11 fish in 4 hours, on the most basic of tackle and bait.

Fishing locations?-20190918_145556-collage-800x800.jpg

Fishing locations?-20190918_145641-collage-800x800.jpg

Anyone thinking of taking up fishing, it is very possible (and enjoyable) to do it successfully on a budget.
Tight lines from a tight angler!
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