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Onwards and Upwards - Revels Fishery, Thursday 11th September 2014

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Following a fantastic start to this current season, I haven't really enjoyed my fishing all that much. I don't know why and I near hate myself for it but, nevertheless, I could not deny it.

Quite often, I'd find myself chatting with Tim, discussing anything and everything, not bothering to put a bait out or trying too hard.

It could well be my fault in fishing the same location too many times and not venturing into new pastures.

That said, I discussed fishing a different lake on the complex with Tim and we settled on the back area of the main match lake, an area which had a reputation for barbel, not huge ones but barbel all the same.

The usual pole approach with the usual 6mm cube of garlic spam with the bait pushed up to the margins of an island.

Tim had recently bought an expensive Japanese spinning rod, I had to admit to doubts. It looked like it would struggle handling anything more threatening than runner beans but Tim was determined to test drive it with a tiny inch long lure. He did get a couple of half-takes (presumably off perch) but nothing to christen it with.

I also shipped my pole back to find, just in time, an electric fence behind me. A quick shuffling on my pole roller negated this nemesis.

The cubed meat did not return its usual speedy results so I found myself swapping between a grain of corn and the spam.

I soon started catching, small carp, roach, rudd, skimmers and perch. It's a standing joke between us now that Tim tries to avoid carp with a commitment bordering on the admirable.

he was doing a sterling job with a shedful of skimmers, roach and perch but no sign of Cypry.

Having kept quiet about the fence, I called forth my carp curse which never seems to fail. The double bended rod and accompanied twenty years' sailor's curses and I knew my Harry Potter like cursing powers had done it again.

Having brought in a grain of corn right to my feet in order to slurp a can of orange juice, the float shot away and, in seconds, I appear to have hooked a knife wielding maniac which I assumed was a carp but, as my landing net went into action, a baby barbel of around 1 and a half pounds slipped in. A big smile on my face.

Tim continued to pile a decent catch together, somehow again just roach and skimmers but the carp had definitely moved into my neighbourhood. A run of maybe between 1 and a half and maybe four pounds was rudely interrupted when, on breaking down to my top three, the top three slipped out of my hands and was smartly towed away.

Fortunately, this was quite a narrow section of lake and I had maybe thirty yards before the fish could turn right, pass an island and head into open water. I grabbed my landing net and ran, shouting the cause of my slight panic to Tim who showed his steadfast loyalty by laughing and using several adjectives, dickhead being probably the most pleasant.

I could see my top three being towed, miraculously within landing net range. I tried scooping the front of the top three but this only enraged an obviously still attached fish. A masterful grasp of tactics combined with ruthless on the spot thinking allowed me to try and net the back of the top three which I managed, flicking it in the air and catching it in my right hand, lowering the net and netting a most bemused mirror of around 5lbs.

Tim continued to berate me but his insults and smiles faded when I walked past him holding my hard earned prize, which was soon safely returned.

The carp began to get bigger now and I was seen off by two real lumps.

So, that was it. Around 40lbs of fish and a most enjoyable day, good weather, great company. I'd got my Mojo back, baby.

After arriving home with my now traditional pie dinner from the chippy, I began to think about not being able to mix it with what were obviously decent carp. The Maver hooks to nylon that Tim bought from the on site shop, the ones I ripped the piddle out of, 14s to 9lb line, I realised I was going to need. The spare 10lb and 12lb line after tooling up the barbel reels, that was going to find a good home too and two of my top threes were booked in for emergency surgery, having their whopper stopper elastic doubled over.

Next trip, I hope to be ready for them. I'll let you know once battle is done.
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