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Second trip

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I recently went on my second fishing trip, back to the same pond. I don't want to over complicate things by fishing different waters. I think it's important to learn the basics and that will be made so much easier by getting comfortable on the same pond.

It's sad to say that my local tackle shop is closing down, and it means I'm going to have to drive 20 minutes just to pick up a pint of maggots. However, I did pick up a new rod and a few other bits at half-price. The rod was a travel avon quiver - it has good reviews online, and I gather I can use it for feeder or float fishing alike, due to the interchangeable tips. Being a member of the club that Jeremy Clarkson hates, I bought it with the view that it would be brilliant to leave in the caravan for a little holiday fishing.

Armed with my new rod to try out and a couple of different feeders, I arrived at the lake ready to conquer the world of feeder fishing. I opted for the lightest quiver, a 1.5oz tip I believe. I've yet to put new line on my secondhand reels but I picked the real that I guessed, rightly or wrongly, had around 5lb line on it. Not having far to cast, I picked up my new 20g method feeder and installed it to the setup, using a 4" hooklength with pellet band.

The feeder wasn't staying put. After sinking the line I tried to put a slight bend in the tip for bite indications, but no matter how gently I tightened the line the feeder seemed to come with it. I remember reading something that one of the pros wrote, that they'd never use anything less than a 30g feeder. Something to do with a 20g rolling down a slope. I was trying to fish to an island so I thought that was what must have been happening to me and duly changed to a 30g feeder.

Perfect, except there's a sort of grinding feeling when the feeder is out the water and being reeled in. I think that maybe the quiver was too light for my now heavy casting weight, but I couldn't be bothered to dismantle it all to find out. I'll plod on. Another problem was apparent though - my pellets weren't sticking to the method feeder all the way to the bottom. Too dry, I think, so I put a bit more water in them. Damn! Too wet now, it's coming off on the cast. I'll try once more..... bloody hell, that was a long cast, the feeder went all the way to the other side of the pond, but I didn't do anything differently. Why is the line slack? Oh, I guess my new method feeder is sitting on the bottom of a pond now.

Not knowing what to do, I got the whip out. I didn't have another 30g method feeder, and the 20g was useless. I hadn't been on the pond for an hour and the session was already coming to a depressing close. I looked through the tackle box for something to continue on with, not wanting to revert to the float. Hmmm, can I use a maggot feeder with pellets. No, probably not. I wish my Guru hybrid was delivered on time. Oh look, that new pellet feeder you forgot about!

I started setting up the rod again, this time with a 28g Guru Pellet feeder. Ideal, I thought. Weighty enough to sit on the bottom, but protected enough to get my poorly mixed pellets to the bottom. I spent the rest of the day fishing the pellet feeder. I casted somewhere new each time in the end, because I'd read that when the fish aren't biting it's okay to have a bit of a search for them.

Unfortunately nothing came. I had a good few liners and once my rod went round with a decent bite, but one was in the bushes relieving oneself. Typical.

I still had a great time though, and learned a lot. There were two seasoned pond goers fishing too - one only got a couple, and the other got nothing, so I didn't feel too bad about drawing a blank.

The only issue is, under the weight of the 28g Guru I was still feeling a grinding when the feeder was hanging out the water. I need to look in to that for the next time.

Until then, smelly nets.
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