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Another feeder gone...

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I had my third trip recently, same pond, same peg - once I gain familiarity there I'll start and venture a bit further a field.

Again, I started with pellets and was going to opt for a new method feeder, only to realise that my mould didn't fit this model method feeder. Doh. So the pellet feeder got the call up again.

I'd been fishing for a couple of hours and had a few small bites. I was beginning to feel really comfortable with casting, hitting the same spot again and again. I reeled in to reset and the rod bent round, after a very brief moment of wondering what I'd hooked, I quickly realised that I was snagged on something. The week before I'd re spooled all my reels, and I was using 4lb mono as the main line. Oh, s***. Problem. I'd been searching high and low for pellet bands to make my own rigs - I'd actually ordered some 2 weeks ago from a highly rated web store (I won't name names), but they still hadn't been delivered - a story for another time, but I definitely won't be using them again. Anyay, my pellet band order hadn't been delivered, and both tackle shops I visited had none in. So all I had were some pre-made pellet band rigs from Boyes, with an 8lb breaking strain. It didn't take a maths genius to realise 8 is greater than 4, and that the result of that was that I was moments away from losing my only pellet feeder.

Lo and behold, the main line snapped and I was a pellet feeder down. I needed a new strategy. I couldn't fish method, I had no pellet feeders left, and I didn't want to resort to the float this session. I'd invited my mate to join me this day, never fished before, and so I'd set him up with maggots on a short whip. He was doing alright, had about a dozen or so by close of play, the biggest being a 1lb roach. That's my strategy sorted, I'll fish a maggot feeder. Straight away I saw positive reactions - I was getting bites, and some big ones at that. Due to my own inexperience I missed most of them, but I did land a couple of roach.

I left the pond a pellet feeder down, and a couple of knotted rigs thanks to my mate. I've since bought a few Guru Hybrid Pellet Feeder - they look even better but will see when I get out there. I've also bought a few packs of Guru QM1s, I've read that they set themselves so hopefully they'll let me hook a few more when fishing a feeder. We shall but see.

My third session in and I feel like I'm learning at a good pace. My first session I stuck to the float, whereas I'm not afraid as much to try new methods now. I needed a solution and was quite happy to rig up a maggot feeder when needed. I think that's what fishing is about, adapting when needed.
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