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  1. The new look forum

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    That's better! The pictures can now be linked as well as text. Something that did not work in the old forum.

    Click on the picture!

    I don't mind this new format. Change is good if it makes it easier to use and adds functionality.

  2. Some fishing related stuff...

    Up until now I have been using this blog to point to my own fishing blog that is hosted elsewhere. It had not occurred to me that I can use this space as a discussion space to waffle - and I do like a good waffle!

    My diary blog is about my fishing adventures and experiments. It will still be continue and can be found HERE. This will be all the other slightly off-topic stuff that has a bearing on my fishing...

    Fishing is good for you - (Me!)
    Over the past three years, ...
  3. Plenty of good stuff to read...

    I have been writing my blog for just over a year now. There are plenty of posts to read about may adventures and my bait making. I have published all my recipes and by far the most successful is my Two Dog groundbait.

    You can find my blog at:

    I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Making bait...

  5. How to drown maggots Friday 3rd October