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  1. Are things good on here of late?


    I keep asking Tigger to resume posting and one day he will I'm sure.[/QUOTE]
    Mike, let me echo that sentiment.
    I liked Tigger -- he was a good poster, and loved his float fishing!
  2. Long Trotting and the bulk shot dragging.

    Quote Originally Posted by flightliner View Post
    Dicky, it's where on the Trent you're fishing that may be hampering your approach to what you're trying to accomplish .
    There are miles of tidal reaches that are fairly level bottomed that allow any angler to fish overdepth, even with a floats bulk shot dragging on the bottom, wether it be an Avon type float or a waggler. Indeed the further downstream you go the less you will be bothered by any snags, loose rocks or anything else for that matter as it's mainly one of soft silt, sometimes
  3. Work parties

    [QUOTE=Lord Paul of Sheffield;1287762]
    Why do people shy off them?
    Many reasons thats for sure, main one that irks the do ers is the guy who does nothing but turns up and fishes and starts moaning that the work doesnt suit him.