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That time of year again.....

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Forced myself out last night after work, because if I didn't go now, I probably wouldn't go again! I really struggle to get motivated over the summer due to all the grockles that come down on holiday, stealing our waves/fish/wimmin/carp/cream teas, but I'm planning on fishing after work till 6am overnighters on a water right through the winter, but it's one I've only fished a couple of times so need to get some reccie's and bait in before it gets too dark in the evening.

I managed to get down an hour or so before dark, so had time to watch the water for a bit - I chose a swim that had a view of a lot of the lake and just waited for some movement. One rod with a stringer was cast to a fish that swirled, the other two to "obvious" spots, with a couple of pouches of bait around the "obvious" rods.

Nothing showed through the night - well if they did, the 4367 geese that landed at last light hid them!

5.45 and the alarm went off - not a bleep during the night - so everything packed up and a kilo or so of bait went on to each spot, and a couple around a likely looking spot a bit further up the lake ready for next week.

I really hope it's not a "day" water........


  1. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    You're welcome to come up and help yourself to our waves mate!
  2. Frothey's Avatar
    after years of surfing the kent coast in the winter, avoiding the icebergs and brown fish....... no!