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Got down on thursday, would've preferred to go the day before as I like it in the wind and rain, but couldn't get away. Bright sunshine and clear nights aren't the best of conditions! Anyway, got down after work to find a few people on the lake, so headed up the "far" end where I found the odd fish mooching about. I didn't want to spook the fish, so I just used stringers or sticks, cast to where the odd bubble and roll were coming up. It was just about dark when I got the rods out

So it was up with the brolly, and into the bag to watch the water. It got cold quite quick, but I was getting the odd liner every now and then, even with the mega slack lines.
I then started feeling like absolute c**p - nose streaming, headache, real problems breathing, so thought the best thing to do was go to sleep! Woken at odd intervals by liners and a rod finally went off at 2am, just for it to come free a minute or so later. Still felt bad, so I just climbed back in the bag, back to sleep until I had to get up for work - I was a bundle of fun that day! About 3kg of bait was spread about the swim as I left, maybe next week......

ps. Thanks to the bloke down the lake who was fishing next to his rods with both the buzzers and his remote turned full up - even more annoying was the 1 second delay between the buzzer and remote when he was setting his indicators. you'll be glad for the vibrate function next time!

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