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A week off with the kids

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Not sure that you can call it a week off though!
Had to go and pick up some maggots for a trip later in the week, so as my daughter had been nagging me that I haven't taken her fishing, I took them down to Stafford Moor for a couple of hours.

It was kept simple, a 5m whip for her, my stalking carp rod for him (though you can't keep him off the whip for long!) and a bit of groundbait. Jay took first dibs as i "hadn't set his rod up yet" and was quickly into the swing of things. Up until now, I had to unhook and re-bait, but he decided to give it a go.

There is a roach in there somewhere!

As I'd sorted his rod out, and got it on the buzzers (that he insist's on.... I was going to buy him a cheap alarm, but he insists on Delkims. that's my boy!) he let Sophie have a go. Cast out herself and straight into one.

Another angler born!

We moved onto the "bagging" lake to get Jay a carp or two - funnily there were a group of "proper" carpers with pods, baitboats (longest cast maybe 20yds!), etc. Now when you consider 100+lb bags win the 6hr matches, in the couple of hours we were there they had maybe a couple between them. Jay had 3 in just over an hour on maggots, which aren't really rated on there. I wonder if they got the lakes mixed up and thought they were on the carp lake?

It's fun with the kids, but a couple of hours is about enough..... for me! Need a 48hr session just to recover, or thats what I'm telling the missus. .