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Diary of an 80's throwback

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After making the bait the other night, I nipped out for a quicky last night. Then when I finished, I went angling

I popped down to Furzebray Lakes as I'm thinking of fishing it over the winter - it's important to see the lakes over the summer as you may not get to see fish movement on overnighters later in the year - you arrive in the dark, leave in the dark and if it's chucking it down with rain, you aren't going to want to sit outside watching the lake!

I bought a kilo of the bait I'd made, a bit of pellet and a can of corn.

I chose the point swim, because point swims are always good (lol!) and I can see most of the lake from there. Middle rod fished about 30yds out, just over the back of some weed, right about 15yds on gravel in the weed, and the left about 5yds out at the bottom of the shelf.

Just before dark, a couple of fish crashed in the swim to the right of me - I was in two minds whether to move, but decided to stay put as I didn't want to bait over the top of them. Spots were noted though.

Morning dawned with just a few liners on the right hand rod - probably fish moving through the weed. Fish were bubbling on the spot, but I ran out of time. Remains of the bait spread between the two swims and back home for a shower and work.

Maybe next time.....

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  1. Graham Marsden's Avatar
    The 'quicky' was a result anyway Dave
  2. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Super start to what I hope will be a continuing series of blog entries.

    Keep them coming Frothey . . .
  3. ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)'s Avatar
    I look forward with interest to how you get on ....