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A wet overnighter

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Got down for the first time in a couple of weeks, the forecast was dry and mild, it turned out windy, wet and cold by morning!

I fished a part of the lake I haven't fished before, but it's got the deeper water. As it was properly dark by the time I got there, I settled for a big PVA bag of maggots in the margins, 1 a couple of metres short of an island, and with the other rod I cast around until I could find a hard area, over which I fished a snowman over a scattering of baits. Bait is the "origional" Mainline Grange which I've rolled myself, and I've tweaked a bit to get it "working" quicker, and for a bit of added ooomph, it was wrapped in some paste made of base mix and CSL.

As maggots seem to be the going bait at the moment, it wasn't a suprise when a couple of hours later the margin rod gave a few bleeps - what was a suprise was the 3oz perch that had hung itself! By this time, it was chucking it down, so I got into the bag only for the rod to roar off 10mins or so later. The suprising thing was it was the boilie rod that went - maybe the maggot thing is a self fulfilling method, the reason maggots are catching all the fish is that everyone's using it? I know I'd prefer to give the fish some "proper" food.....

A short scrap where it managed to pick up the island rod, and into the net.

Nothing else occoured during the night, typically though some fish were crashing a bit further down in the main part of the lake - still, positions noted for next time.
The remaining kilo or so of bait was spread around - mainly on the spot that I caught from, the rest in the main part of the lake. Hopefully the fish are starting to get a taste for it....

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  1. naturalprovidence's Avatar
    You write very well Frothy, giving a good account of the times out. I have been doing less fishing lately as I am mostly a meat fisherman and have been catching plenty - but my formative years were coarse fishing in England and stumbling on this blog has brought back the memories of those days. Although mine were of a low skill level; still it was great times.
  2. Frothey's Avatar
    Thanks Dorry - to be fair my skill level is pretty low too!
  3. naturalprovidence's Avatar
    The nights are cool now and I have not been shrimp netting in a good wile. One casts a net at night over bait of fish style cat food mixed with cornmeal to bait the shrimp in - but throwing a 10 ft net gets you soaked from chest down so I may be over shrimping for this year. (the shrimp leave for off shore about now anyway.)

    This is the harbor where I net - and my net, a very pretty place to be for the last hours befor sunrise - and then the massed commercial shrimp and oyster boats head out in a long line, all lit up and spewing diesel fumes.

    I have just come in from pulling my two crab traps, catching 8 keepers, so will boil them tonight and pick the meat. Soon the crabs will move off shore too, or bury in the mud till spring so we have been trapping regularly to get some for the freezer. We eat fish and shell fish about every other day.