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Rock Quickie

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Rumour is that there are a few smoothhounds around, and as the peeler are starting to turn up and Dad had a cancelled boat trip, we decided on a quick trip to one of the rock marks.

Weather was actually too good, the swell had dropped off and just a light south westerly - the cloud cover had mostly burnt off too. Baits were peeler, launce or mackerel flappers.

Typically, dad was away straight away, but the lead snagged, so that one was lost. All the rods had odd "tremblers", but they definately seemed to prefer the peeler so all rods ended up fishing it. Dad (again) finally managed to land one

A bit of a suprise as you don't get too many cod(ling) around here any more.

So dad's 2-0 up on the sea front, got to get him down the lakes.....
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