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First bit of proper summer weather....

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...Warm, wet and it felt fishy for the first time this year.

Got down at about 6pm and the lake was packed. one swim left, which was conveniently at the quieter end of the lake. It's a small bay and there were the odd fish around so it was just bags walked around and lowered into the margin. As time went on, I had the odd liner and the odd patch of bubbles coming up, but nothing occured. All activity then stopped, and the guy fishing to my left had a fish - maybe they had gone.

Just before dark I put about a kilo of seed over one rod with a few chopped baits - this rod was no more than 2ft from the bank in about 2ft of water working on the theory that the carp might come back and chomp on the tadpoles later, and spread about half a kilo of pellet and another kilo of bait over the other two - but really didn't feel confident as the fish had moved off.

Spot on midnight, a flier on a 1" pop-up over the pellet resulted in a 17lb'er

which I really didn't expect. Rod out, and back to sleep and just after 3am I had a take on the "shallow" rod - mid twenty which was nice.

I was quite chuffed at that as the hunch paid off. 4.15 and away the pop-up rod again and another twenty was landed

Not a bad trip in the end for a last choice swim!
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