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Bass Wars - Frothey Strikes Back

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With the weather and tides being all wrong, I wasn't able to get back down during the week, but with a mid morning low tide, it gave me the chance to nip down to dig some bait before going fishing.

Digging bait can be hard work, but this time of year the lug beds tend to be fairly full. Just look for the tell tale signs...

Someone else had obviously dug here before.... a few years ago!

Had lots of worms around it too! 15 minutes of digging gave me enough bait for a couple of hours - handy that the lug were decent size too. When I walked back to the car, I lifted the odd rock or two and found a few peeler, which was nice.

I arrived just before low tide to give me time to get sorted. both rods were fished with a simple running rig, 4oz lead and a 3ft 20lb clear amnesia hooklink to a 2/0 longshank hook, baited with lug tipped by half a peeler. I got the odd rattle on the rods, but couldn't connect.
The tide then turned, and fairly quickly you could see the water hitting the close sandbank - you can just see the white water in the pic.

So I moved around, casting about 40yds out, just over the edge of the rocky ground onto the sand. Bites were fairly quick in coming, tentative ones at first that didn't develop, until a decent pull gave me

A little schoolie of a pound or so, which were returned to grow a bit more. 3 more casts gave 3 more identical fish. Just got to wait a few months till the bigger fish are about.

Now, revenge on the carp is next......