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Low Tide trip.....

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With big tides at the moment, it's a good time to get down and have a look at your marks - the bit you normally cast on can be revealed. Unfortunately, low tide was at about 4.20am down here, so it was a still a bit dark for photo's in the South West! Did get one with the weather front crossing as the sun came up though

The tide was actually so low, I had to wait 20mins or so to start fishing, though I did find a sexy looking gully that I can't normally see. I used the time to find a couple of peelers, and got 10 or 15 shrimps from the weed to add to the lug I'd dug the night before. Simple running rigs again - 4oz lead, bead and a 2ft 20lb Amnesia hooklink and a 2/0 hook.

I had a bite from my normal rocky spot straight away, a schoolie of a pound or so which was returned straight away. Then nothing for about 3/4 of an hour. I also noticed it seemed rockier than before, the recent rain had probably stripped a lot of the sand, so I moved to the gully that leads to the lug beds. Bite's came thick and fast, hooking probably 1 in 3 - all little schoolies. Being pushed back by the tide meaning I'd be casting into a load of kelp (and crabs!), I ended up back on the main beach where I couldn't keep 2 rods in the water - it really does bode well for the years ahead with all the small bass about - I just hope they can avoid the nets when they grow a bit.

Now, providing the rain holds out, I really must get back to those carp......