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Frothey 2 - Holidaymakers 2.......

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I was feeling quite "up" for a session today - despite having to look after the kids and teaching them to bodyboard whilst lusting over the 3-4 foot perfection that was happening "out the back" I forgoe an evening surfing session once the missus got back for an overnighter.

I've been keeping back defrosted peeler and sandeel, smashing it up and re-freezing for stick mixes.

Add it and a bit of oil to the mix (3mm Halibuts, base mix, ground hemp and ground pellet)

And it's good to go.

Got to the lake, and I wasn't inspired - it was packed, people shouting across the 8(ish) acre lake, my spirits plummeted. I dumped the gear in a swim and had a mooch about in a quiet back bay.

I found a couple of fish that looked up for a bit of floater - so chucked a couple of handfulls out whilst I rigged a rod up. Rig was simple - 2ft of Multistrand to a size 10 hook - it looks really obvious here, but less so in the water.

20 mins later and two fish on the bank - much to the amazement of two "match" lads.

Only a couple of low doubles, but as the "crowd" was getting a bit more rowdy, I decided to cut my losses and head home. I gave the match lads a bit of advice about spots and gave the couple of kilo of lovingly prepared bait I took with me, as they had said they might try the "specimen" lake - first thing they did was to moan the boilies weren't very hard.

Some people!

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  1. Rickrod's Avatar
    you should have taken them back......the cheek of some people