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No time to make bait?

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People are always going on about not having the time to make bait, and how expensive it is to buy readymades. But a spare hour or so a week is all you need.

I've gone back to an "old skool" attractor profile - mainly because I know that no-one else will be using it. It can work against you, because you have to establish the bait, rather than jumping on a "bandwagon" of using whatever everyone else is

Premier Baits "Amino's" is the base mix - the essential oils I got cheap as they were gathering dust! I reckon the finished bait will have cost me just over £4 a kilo including eggs.

Rolled in 14mm, 18 eggs worth

A couple of ounces kept back for pop-ups. 12mm cork balls to give me 16mm pop-ups. I prefer them slightly bigger than the freebies.

The only way to quickly boil lots of bait is a Burco - the whole 18egg mix in one go!

Boiled for 2mins, and then taken out for drying - one of the advantages of using the weigh sling, you can get them all out in one go. Transferred to a drying tray

And left for a couple of hours, and 90mins has made me more than enough bait ready for a quick overnighter......


  1. Graham Marsden's Avatar
    Great blog Dave, excellent example of what a blog should be like.
  2. Rickrod's Avatar
    good blog this Frothey
  3. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Nice one Dave - enjoyable reading.
  4. Morespiders's Avatar
    Froth,enough bait for a quick overnighter, you must spend most of the night throwing that lot in, leaving twenty minutes to fish
  5. Frothey's Avatar
    you wait tilll the dove trip, just had to buy a new freezer