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  1. Doggy Style on Fathers Day

    4.10am and the alarms gone off - got to pick Dad up for a trip to a rock mark. We get to the spot just as the sun pop's it's head over the Moors.

    One rod out each on peeler, and 5 mins and a typical dogfish bite gives the first fish of the day.

    I forgot to do my hair before we left...... ...
  2. First bit of proper summer weather....

    ...Warm, wet and it felt fishy for the first time this year.

    Got down at about 6pm and the lake was packed. one swim left, which was conveniently at the quieter end of the lake. It's a small bay and there were the odd fish around so it was just bags walked around and lowered into the margin. As time went on, I had the odd liner and the odd patch of bubbles coming up, but nothing occured. All activity then stopped, and the guy fishing to my left had a fish - maybe they had gone. ...
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  3. Wet, wet, wet!

    3 people down for 3 days without a fish, constant rain and a quick overnighter.... perfect for me to show my knowledge and superior angling skills (LOL!).

    Which I would've if it wasn't for the frogs getting fruity and constantly banging into my line, and the ducks and coots murdering the baits all night.

    Wildlife, got to hate it sometimes........

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  4. Rock Quickie

    Rumour is that there are a few smoothhounds around, and as the peeler are starting to turn up and Dad had a cancelled boat trip, we decided on a quick trip to one of the rock marks.

    Weather was actually too good, the swell had dropped off and just a light south westerly - the cloud cover had mostly burnt off too. Baits were peeler, launce or mackerel flappers.

    Typically, dad was away straight away, but the lead snagged, so that one was lost. All the rods had odd "tremblers", ...
  5. First of the year

    Finally managed to get out - first trip since november! Had planned on fishing through the winter, but the lake not being "bendy" for much of it put paid to that. Still, at least it means it's spring and I've got a freezer full of bait to use up!

    Got down at the normal time after work, it's great that with spring on the way it's not dark till just after 7 down here so I've got time to get the rods out and see where they are landing! Tony the owner had a walk round, but didn't ...
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