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Gary Dolman

  1. Trewandra Lake, Landrake Fri 20th May 2011

    Evening session with Tom, 6 or 7 carpers on lake, so we fished at inlet end of lake. I don't know why the majority of anglers only fish for carp on this lake as there are some really nice roach on this lake.

    Fed hemp,small pellets and corn, and fished a combination of baits, worms, soft pellets, banded pellets and punched meat. I gave corn an extended go but could only catch skimmers on it, whereas the roach had a real liking for punched meat. I fed 2 swims and took fish from down ...
  2. Bake Lakes Flamingo Thursday 12th May

    Evening session, wanted to fish silverfish lake, but closed due to tuition.

    I decided to try to catch fish on a range of baits and succeeded in catching on bread, floating crust, corn, meat, worm, banded pellet, soft hooker pellets (3 types), paste, punched meat dipped in marmite, banana, garden peas and red kidney beans. I'm now convinced that you can catch on anything edible, but certain baits do have the edge, with punched meat being the best bait in the summer.

  3. Bake Lakes Flamingo Tuesday 3rd May

    Short evening session, with son Tom.

    Weather was really cold, due to stiff easterly breeze. Started off fishing margins and after landing only one fish from 9 hookups, concluded that they must have been liners and not proper hookups. Never happened to me before, so this is why it took me so long to carry on.

    Changed over to fishing 3 rods out, feeding hemp and small pellets with punched meat on the hook, and this did the trick. Had 3 tench around the 1lb mark, and ...
  4. Bake Lakes, siverfish Lake, 21st April, 2011

    Short afternoon session, weather warm, sunny and dry.

    Fished waggler, with either punched meat, 8 mm banded pellet or sweetcorn.

    Loads of tench between 1 and 3 lbs, stopped counting at 20 but fish had spawned and were all very lean, more like chub or trout in shape. I also caught 2 bream of around 2lb, and loads of roach and a few really gorgeous golden rudd.

    Hordes of roach and rudd, and had to resort to hard pellet, or a 10mm piece of punched meat ...
  5. Bake Lakes Flamingo Sunday 17th April

    I really wanted to fish the silverfish lake, but there was a match on, so I had to make do.

    I had 12 carp between 2 and 5 lbs, 2 small tench around 1 lb, and 30 plus roach and rudd, including 2 around a pound.

    I fed hemp and small pellets and fished punched meat over the top, at bewtween 3 and 4 rod lengths, I was there early and it had been cold over night, and the carp were not in the margins as they often are.

    Fishing was just difficult enough to be ...
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