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gary sheridan

Good to be home Wish i was back there

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It is good to be home here in spain. where i have lived and fished for over 20 years . my recent visit to italy to fish the world carp classic proved to me that for every lake you fish a new set of rules apllys.
bolsena has its own way of telling you how to fish. clear water up to 20+ft depths of 500ft + thermal layers al the place fish move with blinkers on throught depths you would never dream of fishing. until you try the biggest zig in the world. at 75ft. madness prevails and the brain shrinks as you get to think how where are these fish. half the lake catching and well yu guessed it half not. even after a pre fish in what can only be described as weed from hell 3metres deep and belive me when you dive into it like i di at 12 to 14ft bloody scary. very very scary it wraps around you and hangs on. dont try that folks trust me.
pop up rig presented to perfection in the competition that deserve an oscar. myself and mr tim cinquento swain. fished this recent event and well learnt so much . way beyond we could ever imagine . the full article is out soon . . i have asked myself this many times how do you blank and write an article that is 6 A4 pages long full of eductaed things we picked up. laughs tears funy things that we can only let you read later. and a super wife and kids that have the patince to come with us they we and everybody there enjoyed it. tequolia night is was and always remains special coming soon folks .