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gary sheridan

Bolsena lake italy. simply awesome part one.

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How do you write an article about a . world classic competition and blank. My aim with this article is to help and educated anglers who will be going onto the world carp classic next year and hope to give a further help to those that might fish any waters similar to lago de bolsena. Italy,s finest and cleanest lake. Not only in Italy but the whole of Europe. This now subsided and very sleepy volcano has given me a new view a new way of thinking some of You who fished the competition heard about my and Tim swains exploits with the 75ft zig rig. Extreme you might say necisary we would say we owed to try every possible way we could in the time given to fish to our best and what we found out to be more then our best advantage.

Learning curve right of the rictor scale not only for me and Tim but many others, to even the Italian lads some of who wanted to leave early but decided to stay on . good choice but still blanked.

You see if you choose to give up half way through or even towards the end i will say this you should not be there. If you are not committed 110 percent. Do not go, do not even attempt to fish competitions like this .
They will suck you up spit you out and make you want to go spining for perch for the rest of your fishing days.
Be dedicated with or without a sponsorship.

Me and my family yes me, two kids, Gloria 7 and Michael nearly 5 , bags trailer and oh yes our mate simba our buddy who comes everywhere with us.
We Took the boat from Barcelona to civitavecchia. 20 hours better than driving but saying that i might get everything shipped over next time And fly cabin swimming pool bars Jacuzzi all nice but after a while it does become tiresome.
the port is called civitavecchia. when spoken sounds like this, sivitavichea if you can say that then good on ya.
Took me ages and i speak fluent Spanish and some Italian
not like Tim who thinks cinquencho is a word for everything.
Gotta love him and his i phone phrase APP. When he asked to go to the port and nearly got dropped off in another town you gotta laugh.

It was getting late and we were all sitting in the cafe bar waiting for Tim to arrive he called and sounded good only to hear right i think i am here mate i can see a ship we could see about 20 ships including the one we had just arrived on.
Its a start mate laughing at the same time.

He said what,s the name you can see on the nearest ship.
Now i could see this turning into its a blue ship with such a color you near that .
could have gone on for ages.

But finally Tim waltzed round the corner sweating as we a were in the heat of 30+ dgs.
One nice cold beer and we were set to go on a sort of direct route
oh yes with tims app on the go i kept looking at him and saying we still on course mate. He kept smiling and saying yep, well that was until we got to one town that suddenly decided it did not like the app that Tim was using
somehow mystically moved .
Tim suddenly sat upright and said hang on we should have taken a right turn .
Oh right well lest go back
Now i will tell you all don't stop at the petrol station with two heavy looking lads, and three hookers, and very weird girl .
I can tell you don't sell maps, or ice. when it comes to it.
Actually we found out Nowhere in Italy sells ice that is weird.
Sometime later we managed to get back on the right road and was now nearly in bolsena heading in to the town of Marta.
Very pretty really nice people, chatty, and very friendly .

Stopping off at yet another bar and blocking the road, had to get a cold one down me neck.
Tim looked at me and we both smiled my wife sighed finally kids fast asleep simba finally out of the back of the car it was nice to be here at last.


Our aim to arrive early for one reason of course was to try and get a good knowledge of bolsena lake.
We thought three days would be enough. I wish we had a week on there.
When you book the swims you have to stay there, so next time we will book three swims in other locations
From the bar we were sat in i called my mate Ricardo battisti
one of the nicest guys you will ever meet so helpful and really happy all the time. His mum who speaks fluent Spanish is such a lovely lady.
He was happy to hear we had arrived speeding up to see us in his mini motor a real little flier . with the feed up logo all over for who Ricardo fishes for.
The feed up team headed by emiliano and sandro who also run the magazine carpa mundo carpworld to you and me.
Big hugs and the traditional sweep of each cheek in Italy from Ricardo means they like you. Sitting down he was telling me things were hotting up some fish not a lot had been showing from gradoli . this is all shallow water area and proved to be a great reads to fish in the carp world classic. With depths of up to 7mts and long shelves of weed followed by motorway like empty runs or banks bars and rocky areas just screaming carp all over it. You could see me and Tim getting excited . right heard enough lets go we were itching to wet a line. Now as lovely as Ricardo is he could have taken us down a better road but looking back i think he might have been taking us down this road for a reason the long and somewhat empty tree less road. Was the ATT section.
Now this area threw me Tim and i think about 80 percent of the anglers off there course . if we had chosen this area we said and agreed we would put it back in the bin. Where you then have ten second to do this but now after the competition this proved to be a fish heaven all be it small fish but loads of them.
Tom from ATT when we were chatting bivvy camp, before his misfortune of apendisitas.
told me in confidence. He wanted this section he must have known something we did not and my homework was all done.

We had booked swim number 9 on the montefiascone section
The reason i did this was the guys from free time tackle shop told me swims 6,7,8, were al fishing really well, with fish to 20+ kilos nearly every day.
I thought well this is as near as we can get upon arrival there was nobody on any of the swims from 1 to 25 nowhere. Erm i thought maybe been fed some Italian vine yard here
well we had booked it and time to set up. Ricardo had to get going back to bivvy camp or some party knowing him.