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gary sheridan

Take your camera and get out there

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Whilst the rivers might not be in flood where you are or your local lake levels, might be down. It’s now you should be out there taking pictures and even videoing your locations for the future. It’s simply a fantastic way to see what is uncovered what you will be fishing onto and how to asses the area much better. This is one more feather in your cap of ideas. You can see with the pictures i have attached that some of the swims are flt totally featureless and shall when the river is up. Others have snags and huge tress still less than 10 to 15ft of water. Knowing this, I am then able to simply fish these locations better. Land marks are always a good idea.
Land marks give you the distance you need to judge your areas
I have in the past on occasion painted the base of a tree with white paint totally biodegradable so no harm comes to the tree. Getting out there and taking shots of the locations will give you the edge.
It has allowed me to land much bigger fish. And a good head of them as well.
a few years ago the river was down so much you could walk out 200 MTS . i catalogued a lot of the swims seen some amazing things houses old farms even old cars from the 1940s.
i have seen the original river bed in all its glory this alone helped me look at the Ebro in such a different way seeing all those old trees that would have lined the river the shear size of some of them was simply awesome, you could have imagined it in all its glory.
the original river could have only been a few feet in places its where you see the holes from the original river bed that is where you can see the full potential of where you should fish.
Where you should throw all that expensive bait and not simply waste your money . so next time you see the rivers down and very low don't complain use it to your advantage.
i have seen in the lake district some of the waters so low and walked out over the locations where i have fished simply standing there shaking my head knowing fully i had wasted my time. when a swim just 100 MTS away which have to say did not look that good or even see anybody fish there. Would have been a far better place to fish. Deeper water, better features, In all better holding areas for fish.
Branches coming out under the water
you could have had pike, simply laying there waiting to flap that powerfull tail and grasp there evening meal or some huge perch nestling in to make his home or den.
Waiting for the shoals of smaller fry to fatten them up.
Carp love these areas as do all fish not only is it an area for predators but a hiding place for fish of all species
Once you’re out there after the lake has been drained for some reason, or the rivers are low your knowledge will be advanced.
Helping you to get the best from all the hours, days, weeks, you may spend on the bank. After all you don't want to be sat there in the poring rain looking at your mates catching fish, whilst you have chosen the wrong swim simply because you did not do your ground work.
It’s easy to do cost effective and enjoyable.
Plus you never know what else you will come across.
Good luck and very tight lines for all of you that venture forward.