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Estimated 20-pounder on the Margin Pole

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Forgot to tell you about this one, it was caught a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I'd stepped up to 10lb line on the pole as I was targeting the bigger fish with bigger baits.

Anyway, I'll keep it brief, but I managed to catch a carp on the margin pole that must have been around 20lb. I didn't have any scales with me as I don't catch anything I'm interested in weighing when I'm pole fishing, but on this occasion I wished I had taken them with me.

It took me about 20 minutes to land, and if it hadn't have been for the Preston Innovations Pulla Bung I was using it would have taken me a lot long as it was one hell of a job getting it into the net at the end. Netting big fish is probably one the hardest parts of fishing with elastic, but the Pulla Bung really does help.

[ame=""]YouTube - PB on Margin Pole[/ame]
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Digital Diary


  1. slime monster's Avatar
    Nice one Graham ,I do not know which is the most scary ..hooking big lumps on light tackle or heavy line when faith in your pole is put to test,my old pole will handle 10lb line on big Carp but when a Canadian goose took a fancy to my margin bait it was good night Vienna to the top 3
    well done mate
  2. Rodney Wrestt's Avatar
    Excellent angling Graham, very nice fish especially on a pole.