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Return to Coarse Fishing

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I'm currently re-introducing my old mate Eddie Bibby to coarse fishing. Ed hasn't coarse fished for a few years now and I thought it was about time he got back into it.

Although he's enjoyed the occasional fly fishing trip there's still nothing like coarse fishing for the great variety of methods it can offer.

We're fishing Border Fishery in Cheshire, one of Bay Malton AS's waters, which is an ex commercial fishery but is still run along similar lines. We're varying our methods between margin pole, feeder, and pellet waggler and thoroughly enjoying it, especially as we're fishing alongside another old mate, Eric Barnes (above).

[ame=""]YouTube - Ed on Margin Pole[/ame]

I'll keep you informed.


The Story Continues
Friday, 3rd July

Although we're using pellet waggler and feeder rod at times it's the margin pole we're having the most fun with.

We're not using bullying tactics, 20's elastic and such, but 14's elastic. Eric has a margin pole now and he's been quite surprised at how light it is and how easy to play fish, letting the elastic do the work, and working the pole so that it releases elastic at the right time and then sucks it back in when the fish comes towards you

The usual plan is to start of feeder fishing across to the island, and feed the margin while you fish, picking up the margin pole following 20 minutes or so of activity over the bait.

Last time we went I managed to catch the biggest fish of the day on margin pole. We didn't weigh it but it must have been 11 - 12lb.
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Digital Diary


  1. Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC)'s Avatar
    Nice to see you back in the saddle ED. I believ you can get a nice bacon butty there before you chuck in and also there's a place to go for a poo.
  2. Frothey's Avatar
    I've seen anglers turn their nose up at a fish before, but never a fish turn theirs up at an angler
  3. Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC)'s Avatar
    Graham should have a word with Bibby.

    ED, you put your shades over the FishingMagic logo on your hat - missing out on a promo opportunity.
  4. heathbryant45's Avatar
    Even the ducks came in for a look at Ed 'trying' to land that Gudgeon. With all that fafing about i would of booted the ginger scouse in.
  5. Morespiders's Avatar
    I want to know how the pair of you got out, security is obviously lacking somewhere, Cratchett will be administering recompense later.
  6. ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)'s Avatar
    I had to slip Nurse Cratchitt something rather large for her to let us out of the Home for the Bewildered ........
    It was one of Grahams white five pound notes from under his mattress

    (What a stupid looking spider you are ..............)
    Updated 11-07-2009 at 09:09 by ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)
  7. The bad one's Avatar
    I see you went ratting, tut, tut. You'll have him turning in his grave and haunting you!
  8. ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)'s Avatar
    Thats not even worth replying to ...
    Updated 16-07-2009 at 08:45 by ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)
  9. slime monster's Avatar
    Nice to see you in action Ed ,spiders told me you had not fished for a bit when i asked after you,looking at some of the stuff you have had in the past I doubt you will need much practice .....tight lines
  10. ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)'s Avatar
    I've been doing a bit of fly fishing over the last couple of years .... but Grahams got me into Margin pole fishing, and it's superb. Really exciting when the elastic goes out to full stretch