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My experience (and a few tips) for Southern California fishing

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I few weeks back I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California and go fishing, I had a sweet-bitter experience. Well, I still do not regret embarking on that trip and I would want you to do the same.

Southern California is quite popular for the bunch of Hollywood movie stars and Beach Boys it houses. You could surf all day in Southern California and never get tired. Talk about tuna fishing, it is the gateway!. I have compiled a list of things you need to know so you can have a wonderful tuna fishing southern California experience(I wish someone had done the same for me just before my trip)

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Before you leave, check the best times for tuna fishing. It usually starts in May and continues through November. The summer brings with it, warm water and the peak times for tuna fishing in California are August, July and September. I visited in August.

Also carry out a little research to find out the species of fish you can catch. In Southern California, tuna fishing is about Pacific bluefin tuna fish and a lot of these fish species weigh more than 100 pounds. The highest weight recorded so far is three hundred and sixty three (363) pounds. The yellowfin tuna are also in high demand, compared to other fish species and this is you can catch as high as 10 fish each day. Also, Bigeye tuna in the range of 50-100 are lured in deeper water using tuna fishing reels. The Albacore tuna fish species can be found offshore.

I seriously needed this break from my day to day job. Playing golf, sports betting, and fishing are my main 3 activities, and I have heard nothing but good things about Southern California. I took advantage of the fact that the NFL season hasn’t started and the volume of bets were low to take this little trip with the wife and kids. Not sure if for future seasons I will be as lucky since sports betting is about to blow up in the States since the decision by the Supreme Court of allowing individual States to self-regulate their gambling activities.

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This, in my opinion, will make sports betting all the more popular. Bookie websites and software provides cannot be more happy, I guess. Even nowadays it’s hard to see media outlets talking about sports without mentioning what the betting odds are. Almost anybody can simply contact one of these bookie software provides, request a pay per head demo account, and start their own bookie business. Let me tell you, some competition is coming this way. So i’m happy i took this trip now that I can.

But getting back to the trip. This experience can be enhanced by practicing different kinds of tuna fishing methods. in California tuna fishing is usually done while monitoring the water temperature and sonar marks. Important tips to note while fishing for tuna species are to troll tuna lures like deep divers, skirted lures, or cedar plugs, until a fish is hit. When the tuna fish pay attention to it, you should throw flies or sardines (as live bait) into the fish pond. You can also use the fishing method known as yo-yo during which you mark a school on your fish finder and then drop your jig through the marks and then jig vertically at that depth.

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure you purchase a good reel, especially if you have never caught a tuna. I love tuna fishing a lot because of the long, sizzling runs which make the reel drags sing. To ensure you have a memorable Tuna fishing experience, ensure that your tuna fishing reels hold lots of line, and also have strong, smooth drags as well as good gear ratios so you can pick up a good number of line with every crank on your handle. Tuna usually get tired and begin to circle after a few long runs.

Take note of these tips and you will be well prepared for a wonderful experience. Well, you can check for California fishing regulations prior to that. Cheers to a fun filled trip!