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After reading a Blog of someone elses i think it is only right i should make myself a little more clear to everyone on here,some might think they know me but they might be lead to believe i am something i am not so with that in mind i will tell you a bit about myself,forgive my spelling as it is not the best.

My name is Stan (mrwell is a mixture of my names) i have recently over come Cancer of the bowles that took a lot out of me and left me with blood clots on the lungs,i have been given the all clear now so i feel a lot better but my breathing is not that good,i don't drink or smoke (boring old sod really) and do try and keep in good health although i am a little over weight ok a lot then but i am trying to lose it .
I am married with one son who does not fish,my wife does though and always does better than me ,i am just a simple Angler who knows little but would like to learn more,i use a pole to fish but i am not into match fishing,never fished a River and only once a Canal so i am very limited in my fishing knowledge but i do try and help those who are starting out in our sport,no point in me trying with those that are well in to it .
I have moderated on the Go Fishing site but i gave that up,i make friends easy but i tend to speak my mind to much for some and they get the wrong ideas about me thinking i am some kind of spy who can not be trusted but the real me is very different to that,i use sites as and when i please so it is no wonder i have a low post count for 6 years membership on here,i hope i can help in some way on here but i fail to see how ,be nice to have a chin wag with a few of you at some point so we can get to know each other better,of course that would be on site because i do not drive so meeting off site is a no go.
Thanks for reading my little blog and i hope you see me in a better light now
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