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Cooler Nights

Weekend Happenings

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Well, Saturday's fishing was okay; a low and very clear Itchen didn't make things easy, but I did manage to fool a couple of old Trout in the deeper pools at the bottom of Beat 5.

Nice looking fish too, typical soft yellow and brightly spotted fish that are the trademark on the lower river.

I stopped of on the way home at a couple of spots on the upper Hampshire Avon and was quite surprised at how low the water level is at the moment. Very low and still a lot of weed, but then even the upper reaches across the road from my home are very low at the moment. We need rain!

I also took a trip to Dave Moody's tackle shop to order a new rod and pick up a new Shimano 4000.

He was telling me that business has been pretty good in the weeks after the children went back to school, and that is unusual for our area. He reckoned that quite a few of his customers have been collecting bait for river sessions, and asking his advice on the local stretches too.
If anyone can put you onto decent fish on the Avon then it is Mr. Moody.

The lovely Claudia came round on Sunday to borrow some waders, as she is off for a Mullet session with Nigel next weekend, so it was nice to sit and have a chat over coffee with one of the nicest people in angling today.
She even helped me spool-up my new Shimano 4000's ready for Friday's Hampshire Avon trip with Dave Slater.

Thankfully I am booked on the Thursday evening flight home so it is only a 4 day week for me this week - mind you, Dave wants a 7am start on Friday so there will be no lay-in for me on Friday morning.

Roll on Thursday!
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  1. Neil Maidment's Avatar
    Nice one Peter. Hopefully you and Dave can find those BIG Avon chub. All the rivers are looking a bit low and stale at the moment, as you say, we definately need rain!