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Cooler Nights

Rivers and a Poor Month

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It has been a somewhat uninteresting month from a fishing point of view with a very low and 'sour' looking Hampshire Avon and Itchen.

The river Trout season is over on my syndicate stretch but the coarse fishing has just started but the river is in a bad condition; low water, no colour and little flow to speak of either.

It makes this river angler none too keen to venture out in these cooler days, and even my enthusiasm is on the wane. From what I read on the FM fora (yes, that is the plural of forum) most of the rivers are suffering albeit in different ways.

I have only ventured out once in the past 3 weeks due to not only the awful condition of the river but also having been unable to shake-off this damn flu' that has lingered for almost a month.

The session was late afternoon through until it was too dark to see my quiver tip. A few Roach upto about 8 ounces and one solitary Chub of around 3 pounds being the only reward.

So, these last few weeks have been occupied with tackle maintenance, hook tying, seat box cleaning and tidying as well as making the odd few purchases of new bits and pieces.

Some of these have been excellent ideas (the leg extensions to my Preston box) but others have been dismal failures; the Waterline Meat cutter being outstanding in the failure department.

I am looking forward though to the annual Aces versus Chavs match which this year has been moved to Clattercote.
As an 'old' match angler I can still become very eager as match day approaches, and my river woes are put to one side as I plan and get ready for the match. Rods are checked, reels re-spooled with new line, baits bought, prepared and some of them frozen too.

My previous record at Clattercote has not been all that great, but then the Aces versus the Chavs 'match' is more about meeting up with old friends and making new aquaintances with anglers that have up until now been just names on the forum.

The lovely Claudia came round last weekend to return my waders from her Mullet trip with Nigel Connor; but I'll leave it to them to tell about how their day went. Even the ever enthusiastic Claudia is also suffering from the fishing 'blues' at the moment so we are both hoping for some good long periods of rain to help the local river back to its' former glory.

The only glimmer of 'hope' on the horizon is that I will be moving into my new apartment in Paris next month, and after having been in various hotels through the weeks since early June believe me, I am really looking forward to that!

Tight lines.

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