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Cooler Nights

As most people know I work in Paris and commute back and forth for the wekeends at home. Home is where I prefer to be for my fishing, but all too often 'work' gets in the way.

Take this week for instance, I was due to fish with Dave Slater on the Hampshire Avon today, but thanks to a couple of mindless Yankee VP's who decided to visit Paris, our fishing trip had to be postponed - dammitt!

Thankfully I managed to avoid their company for dinner last night, and, as is my habit, I usually go into the centre of town for dinner on Thursday evenings.

Now, being a smoker I have been happy to sit outside to eat all through the Summer, which hasn't been too bad this year. However, last night even I was forced inside due to a chilling breeze that seemd to spring up from nowhere.

From the warmth and relative safety of the inside of the restaurant I was able to sit and watch the lovely young ladies of Paris as they sashayed down the Champs Elysees, with that pronounced butt swing that they all seem to adopt, almost from their teenage years.
Now, these ladies know how to dress and how to walk, and this Autumn's in colour seems to be black, which is a bit of a shame really as they all look like they are going to some mass funeral somewhere around George IV.

So, what of ,my fishing?

Well, I will take one of my last trips onto the Itchen for Brown Trout on Saturday, but Sunday will be occupied with getting everything ready for next Friday's trip with Mr. Slater.

Roll on next week.

  1. And South Africa does it again!

    . . . . . . . . . . .

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  2. Free At Last & Clattercote

    The reference to being 'free at last' is all about having finally moved into my refurbished apartment in Paris. After spending every week night since June 6th in hotels I finally got to move in last night to the new apartment.

    Anyone who has ever read "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle and didn't believe the stories surrounding the infamous French word; 'demain' (translates to Tomorrow) should come and talk to me.
    When a French tradesman says he will be here 'demain' ...
  3. Rivers and a Poor Month

    It has been a somewhat uninteresting month from a fishing point of view with a very low and 'sour' looking Hampshire Avon and Itchen.

    The river Trout season is over on my syndicate stretch but the coarse fishing has just started but the river is in a bad condition; low water, no colour and little flow to speak of either.

    It makes this river angler none too keen to venture out in these cooler days, and even my enthusiasm is on the wane. From what I read on the FM fora (yes, ...
  4. Make A Plan!

    It is said that if you want to hear God laugh, then make a plan.

    Regardless, Dave Slater and I made our plans for a day on the Hampshire Avon in search of some large Chub and Roach.

    I booked the day off of work and travelled home on the Thursday night but, as usual, the FlyBE flight was late which meant I didn't arrive home until just after 11pm. So, I didn't bother too much with preparations and went to bed early for a 5am start.

    Added to the late flight ...

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  5. Weekend Happenings

    Well, Saturday's fishing was okay; a low and very clear Itchen didn't make things easy, but I did manage to fool a couple of old Trout in the deeper pools at the bottom of Beat 5.

    Nice looking fish too, typical soft yellow and brightly spotted fish that are the trademark on the lower river.

    I stopped of on the way home at a couple of spots on the upper Hampshire Avon and was quite surprised at how low the water level is at the moment. Very low and still a lot of weed, ...
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