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Fishing the punch.

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This time of year I always without fail turn to liquidised bread and punch.
I like to fish punch because it's a bait that attracts instant bites from roach and with careful feeding it's possible to keep bites coming most of the day or even all day.

Liquidising bread.
First off I like to buy bread for liquidising the week before I do it.
I buy the oldest cheapest bread on the shelf in Asda, value bread is not the freshest bread at the best of times and after a week it's perfect for blitzing.
So after a week it's quite dry, sometimes it's even started to mould a little. I cut off the crusts tear the bread into smaller pieces and zap it in the processor. I then riddle it through a squat riddle, don't push the crumb through the riddle. Any bits that refuse to pass through the riddle gets zapped again then bagged and frozen.
After the crumb as been in the freezer over night I blitz it again whilst it's still frozen, this gives me a very fine crumb.

Mixing the feed.
I normally mix the crumb the night before because mixing to get it right takes a little time.
I place the amount of crumb in a bowl, add enough fine gravel to the crumb and give it a quick mix with my hand. Then it's a case of adding water to make it wet enough to easily form a ball without wetting it too much. An atomisers is best for wetting the crumb.
There is no need to riddle the mix before used.

Bread for hook bait needs to be as fresh as possible. I never steam or roll bread but just rely on my punch to do the job for me. My hook bread is kept in a plastic bag to keep fresh
my image bread board to keep it in good condition whilst it's on my bait table.

Rig and hooks.
Floats need to have a wire bristle and a wire stem. Wire bristles are a must for me and I prefer a short bristle so the old milo bloodworm floats that I have used since the late 70s are perfect. This coupled with 0.10 rig line is for me just the job. They are still going strong.
My floats are shotted with styles, I have a bulk 12 inches from my hook with three droppers. Droppers are no8s styles 4 inch apart.
Hook length is either 0.6 to 0.10, I have no problem with putting styles on my hook length.
Hooks are my favourite Colmic WN 401 23s to 19s depending on punch size. The size of punch denotes the hook size.
Typically a 4mm punch is my preferred size, if fish are small then hooks and punch match my target fish.

Plummeting the swim.
I always plummet to dead depth then mark my pole, I mark float and hook positions. My preferred starting choice is 1 inch off bottom.

Feeding the swim.
I always start with a hens egg size ball of feed squeezed tightly and cupped in, the gravel takes the bread down quickly and being a little on the damp side it brakes down very quickly.
After this first feed ball I typically like to feed top ups after every fish, top up balls are small, the size of a chick pea.
I like to lift and drop the hook bait if bites are slow.
I've read other anglers like to feed more than one line but I believe this only splits the fish, I prefer them all in one area competing for the little amount of feed I give them.
Tightly squeezed balls of feed work better for me as the last thing I want is fish coming up to intercept feed.
All top up feed is cupped in via a small kinder type cup.
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