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  1. A blast from the past

    8th June

    I had to pop into town to get some green fabric dye (its for fishing purposes so don't start) and decided to take a roll of spent film that I'd found for developing.

    Booked it in for an hour so that I could collect it on my way back to the car. Didn't know what , if anything would come of it because I had no idea how old the roll of film was.

    Just got home and looked at the pictures and there , on film, is the picture of my one and only Atlantic ...
  2. Nice Variety

    More fun at the local club water (before I start barbel fishing this year).

    On the margin pole again and this time I took my grandson Calum now he's off school for 6 weeks. It would be his first taste of fishing with a margin pole.

    And boy, did he enjoy it. He caught carp to around 10lb, but it was the variety of species that made it a good day for both of us.
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  3. A different ticket

    One of the June tickets I had expected didn't materialize. Once I found out the extent of the waiting list I wasn't so surprised that I hadn't got on this year.

    Some people think that fate plays a hand sometimes and an unexpected journey a few weeks ago saw me passing a lake I'd wanted to fish a few years ago. After a chat on the doorstep and a couple of phone calls I finished up with a different ticket to the one I'd planned on getting.

    Historically the lake had recieved ...
  4. Cursed no more

    2nd June

    It seems that what I initially thought, (in the midst of paranoia) was possibly a cursed rod now seems to be quite a lucky one.

    Following yesterdays result off the top I headed down the lake a little earlier today. I had a plan (I always like to have a plan ), after catching one yesterday on bread, to use a white soft floating pellet. I also shortened the hooklength as I'd seen fish yesterday close in to some tree lined tight swims and casting a longer hooklength ...
  5. The Sun in June

    1st June

    Been as busy as a bee this last week or so but still been managing to get a few (unsuccesful) short sessions down at the urban lake.

    I think the place may now get a reputation as being haunted as I found out that a chap had hung himself from a tree last Bank Holiday Monday.

    I've spent quite a few frustrating hours chasing them around on the top. Its always a bit of a love/hate situation with surface fishing. I love to catch them off the top and ...