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  1. Historical Hopes & Dreams

    7th May

    An early start saw a good friend and I arriving in good time at our chosen destination.
    Many phone calls had been made, a meeting attended,in order to bring about this day. In order to cast a line into the waters of a lake that played a part in carping history.

    The great names had fished here, Walker, Ingham and others of that era but on this lake they were the followers not the ground breakers. It had been a recognised carp water before Richard Walker ...
  2. A pike in May

    2nd May

    Archer was busy by Archer standards with 8 on for a May Day Saturday

    I made it 9 and set up for a social next to Rick but noticed soon after my arrival that some people were packing up and leaving. I must try another soap.

    Spent the evening chatting with Rick over a couple of drinks and generally mellowed out.No action at all of the carpy sort but an amazingly greedy pike grabbed one of my rigs on the retrieve just after it had chomped a skimmer. ...
  3. Spawning in April!

    24th April

    The campaign on the urban water had produced another common of 14lb along with a tench and 3 of the small stockies that went in last November. The scale patterns and deep colour these small carp have already achieved in the clear water should make for some beautiful fish as they grow.

    The 24th of April saw me down at Archer for a site meeting about the silt removal of the ...
  4. Roman

    17th April

    Had my first "urban" carp this afternoon

    ....and boy did it give one hell of a scrap

    The speed of the take made me hesitate winding the handle on the 8010 to engage the gears. I simply cupped my hand around the spool like I do with the Entohs and applied as much pressure as I could in an attempt to slow the fish down. I burnt my finger!

    Finally after about 50 yards the fish slowed down enough to engage the reel and ...
  5. A Carp!

    11th April

    I caught a carp.

    Not from the urban lake though.

    Spent Friday and Saturday nights at Archer for the work party (yes we are cruel enough to make the members work on a bank holiday weekend)

    After the work on Friday I chucked the rods out and shared a catch up and a brew with Niel until nearly 11 (I can talk a bit).

    The choddy on the far margin went at just before one in the morning and after a struggle with the footwear ...