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  1. Cursed no more

    2nd June

    It seems that what I initially thought, (in the midst of paranoia) was possibly a cursed rod now seems to be quite a lucky one.

    Following yesterdays result off the top I headed down the lake a little earlier today. I had a plan (I always like to have a plan ), after catching one yesterday on bread, to use a white soft floating pellet. I also shortened the hooklength as I'd seen fish yesterday close in to some tree lined tight swims and casting a longer hooklength ...
  2. The Sun in June

    1st June

    Been as busy as a bee this last week or so but still been managing to get a few (unsuccesful) short sessions down at the urban lake.

    I think the place may now get a reputation as being haunted as I found out that a chap had hung himself from a tree last Bank Holiday Monday.

    I've spent quite a few frustrating hours chasing them around on the top. Its always a bit of a love/hate situation with surface fishing. I love to catch them off the top and ...
  3. Big Commons & Friends

    17th May

    Sorry but I've nothing more to report on the urban side of things mainly due to the intake of large quantities of alcoholic beverages on a night out in Grimsby

    We carried on till the early hours!

    Friday morning and afternoon was spent recovering, it seems to take longer these days. I had planned to sort out the fishing gear ready for the Saturday but decided it could all be done on the Saturday itself as we weren't booked on to the lake until ...
  4. Back in town

    12th May

    A couple more short sessions on the town lake yielded nothing last week other than the opportunity to keep some bait going in.

    Friday afternoon I headed over to Archer. After failing to find any fish on a walk around I chose a swim on the side of the week long westerly. (It was also a swim where its possible to drop the gear off in the car.

    Rick arrived a little later and slotted into the swim next door so the evening was spent talking and sampling ...
  5. Historical Hopes & Dreams

    7th May

    An early start saw a good friend and I arriving in good time at our chosen destination.
    Many phone calls had been made, a meeting attended,in order to bring about this day. In order to cast a line into the waters of a lake that played a part in carping history.

    The great names had fished here, Walker, Ingham and others of that era but on this lake they were the followers not the ground breakers. It had been a recognised carp water before Richard Walker ...