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  1. Roman

    17th April

    Had my first "urban" carp this afternoon

    ....and boy did it give one hell of a scrap

    The speed of the take made me hesitate winding the handle on the 8010 to engage the gears. I simply cupped my hand around the spool like I do with the Entohs and applied as much pressure as I could in an attempt to slow the fish down. I burnt my finger!

    Finally after about 50 yards the fish slowed down enough to engage the reel and ...
  2. A Carp!

    11th April

    I caught a carp.

    Not from the urban lake though.

    Spent Friday and Saturday nights at Archer for the work party (yes we are cruel enough to make the members work on a bank holiday weekend)

    After the work on Friday I chucked the rods out and shared a catch up and a brew with Niel until nearly 11 (I can talk a bit).

    The choddy on the far margin went at just before one in the morning and after a struggle with the footwear ...
  3. Urban

    22nd March

    I'm waiting on a couple of tickets which don't start till June (one I know I've got the other I've got my fingers crossed) so in the mean time I need somewhere to angle. Found an old deepish lake locally which is fisheable on a multi water ticket for only £25 a year.

    The fish aren't huge but the do go to mid 20s and they're proper old , dark uns which is good enough for me.

    After a couple of strolls round and a chat with some of the regulars ...
  4. At last a double

    22nd February

    Arranged to meet Rick down at the lake to discuss this year's plans for the water as well as having a general catch up. The two made up pike rods were already in the car with the rest of the gear so a bag from the freezer containing assorted pieces of lamprey,sprat and mackerel was thrown into the mix so that I could have the rods fishing as we chatted.

    No thoughts of watercraft too place whatsoever and the rods were cast out "left" of where ...

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  5. Never had a 20

    OK, the blog system here is a little different from what I'm used to but here goes.

    As this is the new and improved FM and because I didn't post much on the old one I figured that if I covered some of what I've done this year so that anyone reading the blog will at least have a rudimentary idea of what I'm about.

    Now, a few winters ago I put in some serious time in the pursuit of a 20lb pike on the waters around Lincolnshire. I succeeded in banking quite a few but weight ...