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  1. Are things good on here of late?


    I keep asking Tigger to resume posting and one day he will I'm sure.[/QUOTE]
    Mike, let me echo that sentiment.
    I liked Tigger -- he was a good poster, and loved his float fishing!
  2. funny story about spion cop fishery

    ive just remembered a event should we say that happened along while ago prob in the 80s , it was then me and my mate mick used to fish spion cop regularly
    we used to go on our push bikes all the way from forest town for a days fishing rods strapped to our cross bars and tackle in a havasack on our backs ,no seats them days grass it was .

    theres a gate that stops you getting in at the top of the lane as it was a members only pond so you needed a key (and still do now ive been ...
  3. last weeks carpfishing at maythorne southwell

    as I no longer work ,I wish I could say it was because id amassed a fortune and a massive pension pot ,but sadly its because of ill health .
    I find im able to go a lot more regular now as there is no restrictions of work ,well it was a nice day last week so I decided to have a few hours at my local pond
    at the moment there seems to be more ducks than fish so floating bread was out ,pity as most of the beasts were on the top like submarines gracefully moving on the hunt for what the ...
  4. in search of a monster

    who has not wished they could catch a monster , over the considerable years ive been shark fishing approx. 5 times in looe cornwall biggest 72 pound and this was fun grappling with a beast ,

    at the time some years ago if you caught a 75 pounder your name got entered into the british records not for a world record but just to say this person caught a big one on what boat and on what day etc etc.

    alas my name did not get in nevermind its to far for me to go regularly ...
  5. Operation Ducky

    Friday 5 July 2019

    Tonight would be the beginning of three night shifts over the weekend. After getting out my pit at 10:30, the day was my own until picking the kids up from school at 3:30. The Ducky had been on my mind, I could have grabbed a few hours fishing on numerous, nicer waters, but I had let my previous failures on that snaggy puddle get under my skin. This was personal. I was soon heading to the tackle shop for a pint of red maggots, a bait I have confidence anything ...
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