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  1. Health issues,again...

    Quote Originally Posted by s63 View Post
    Do you lure fish Whitty?
    No mate,I have done like,but I just enjoy building a swim up and trying to sort it,I would love to p1ss about at Poole harbour though and catch several different species,sounds great....
  2. True Fishing Story: BIGGEST CRAPPIE I EVER (nearly) CAUGHT.

    My old fishing buddy, Pat, past away last year but if he was here, he would, grudgingly, back me up on this because real fishermen never lie.

    Now in that part of Alabama (I'm currently living in Costa Rica) crappie fishing is taken seriously, and they are especially hard to find during the dog days of summer. But me and Pat, being such smart fishermen, had a secret honeyhole. There is a place in nearby Hokes Bluff, where some of the lawless element regularly strip cars and push them ...

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  3. Big canal roach

    Quote Originally Posted by markcw View Post
    The Bridgewater Canal used to do some big roach every year. I have had 3 genuine 2lb fish from one stretch, it may have been the same fish over a number of months, I have not fished that stretch for a few years now so I don’t know if they large roach are still there,or the shoal of 3–4lb bream.
    Apparently they are. The pole man I was talking to had 17 out just before Christmas.
  4. Entry 1 - New Year, New Approach

    Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m a dad of 2 that is the wrong side of 35, my days of playing football are just about over and I have a new obsession to focus on!

    I’m from Northern Ireland and I have always had a love of the outdoors, as a family we go camping and love walks in the middle of nowhere or up a big hill just admiring the beauty of creation. But with all this I have never dabbled in angling, that is until a few years ago when we had a family holiday to a cottage in ...
  5. Making shore rigs without crimps...

    Looks a great idea thanks for the video

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