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  1. rubber munching jacks

    strange title I know but I'll explain in good time.

    Fished at dockfield after lectures today, I was going to give it a miss after a heavy night but the weather felt 'right' so I grabbed the gear.

    I fished at dockfield just out of shipley, starting off at the basin testing the lures and picked this little jack up over some very shallow silty ground. As you can see from the tail mark either his bigger brother was hungry or a heron had a go, I'm leaning towards the heron ...
  2. That time of year again.....

    Forced myself out last night after work, because if I didn't go now, I probably wouldn't go again! I really struggle to get motivated over the summer due to all the grockles that come down on holiday, stealing our waves/fish/wimmin/carp/cream teas, but I'm planning on fishing after work till 6am overnighters on a water right through the winter, but it's one I've only fished a couple of times so need to get some reccie's and bait in before it gets too dark in the evening.

    I managed to ...
  3. livebaits producing the goods...

    third day on the trot for the canal and she was still producing fish well.

    Started off the day late from morning lectures again so I chucked the gear together in double quick time and was off on my bike. The plan was to see what I could catch at hirst wood locks.

    I set a livebait rig up (designed for pike) and a float rig to see what I could get. First few chucks on the float produced some small gudgeon, so one was lip-hooked on a short single treble trace and fired ...
  4. A Little Recreational Maggot Fishing

    I think I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment! As soon as I arrived home from the grueller on the Trent I was planning a trip to the river Don. My excuse was that I had a load of maggots to use up from the weekend, but I think the real reason was that I needed to catch a fish - preferably a barbel, but any fish would do.

    I had nearly four pints of maggots so my plan was to attack the ...

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    Barbel Fishing
  5. DIY lures put to the test....

    Had a few hours spare after my morning lectures so I headed home for the lure gear. I had quite some testing to do; new rod, braid, and home made lures to grill.

    Off to the canal we go... via greggs for lunch! its looking nicely overcast with a good breeze keeping the ripple up, perfect.

    So firstly the rod... a savage gear road runner 5 piece travel, 10-40 grams casting weight at 7', bought at 60 quid. The rod is very compact when broken down, it snug in my uni bag- ...
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