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  1. Waders, boats, soaking, birds, beauty and a dodgy camera!

    and no, its not a porno!

    9th July

    Spent the afternoon with a couple of the guys down at the syndicate lake dragging channels through the thick weedbeds in front of a couple of swims. Most of it was done in chesties slinging out a weed rake and hauling what seemed like tons of various weed out. Its been a good year for weed and its playing a big part as a home for so much natural food so for the lake its a positive thing but we've our annual charity fundraiser at the ...
  2. Seeing things in Black and White

    7th July

    After yesterday's colourful koi capture I just had to take another trip over to the old pool to put things right. I mean a 50 odd year old Richard Walker MKIV cane rod, a 40 plus year old Speedia wide drum centrepin , a 20 odd year old Jack Hilton hook and what do I catch, a carrot!

    The more I thought about it the more wrong it seemed. Koi are for looking at in garden ponds, they have crazy colours that make them almost seem like an animated painting as they ...
  3. The wheel on the bus..

    6th July

    Today I had a change of tackle down at the old pool.

    As its been over 20 years since I used a centrpin reel I thought it a good idea to give my vintage Speedia a run for its money. To be fair even when I used a pin it was for trotting on the River Trent and I've never used one before for carp fishing.

    One of the major issues with centrepin fishing is the casting. On the trent I used a 13 foot rod and as I was only trotting about a rodlength ...
  4. The Yankee Doodle of July

    4th of July (of course)

    I'm so glad its starting to cool down.
    I don't know about the carp but this last week I've not felt like eating much and the heat seems to have sapped all my energy so I've not even wanted to get out on the bank.

    Even though I'm not a yank I thought that I needed to actually do something to mark the day. I chose to take a length of cane down to the old, pad covered pool to see if I could extract any more ancient looking carp.
  5. As old as the hills

    26th June

    I'd already been down to the little pool once alone.

    I enjoyed going back to the way I fished back in the 80s. Quite simply a rod, a net and a bag of bits. It sound better like that but of course nowadays you need to tag "and an unhooking mat" on the end as well as (because of me age) a low chair.

    In the 80s I only had one rod for carp fishing, a Daiwa Harrier HD feeder rod. If I found them on the top I fished crust, on the bottom ...
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