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All about baits

  1. Thoughts on Maggot Fishing

    On Bank Holiday Monday I went barbel fishing with my mate Pete. We had intended to float fish and we brought the float gear along more in hope than in expectation as it was blowing a hooley in South Yorkshire.

    We spent 2 hours or so drowning maggots on the feeder on our chosen stretch (I have never done much in very windy, bright conditions for barbel) before I lost patience and persuaded ...
  2. The Myth of Preoccupation

    How often have you fed a particle bait and fished over it with another bait such as a boilie? have you then had line bites, but no take? Well I had this happen to me a couple of weeks ago and I initially put it down to preoccupation. But, I'd fed pellet and fished a slightly larger pellet over my feed. Surely the carp could have been so selective? This niggled me for some hours and I began to think what else could cause the problem.

    I came to conclusion that it was probably ...

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